Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Proof that I'm raising a nerd

1. Complete obsession with and freakish knowledge of all things Star Wars.

2. Understands the pneumonic Roy G. Biv and ability to draw a rainbow correctly because of said pneumonic before age four.

3. Uses the word "similar" correctly and in conversations regularly.

4. More iPhone literate than most adults.

5. Is obsessed with video games (they very few he's been allowed to play) and computers.

6. Talks to himself.  A lot.

7. Has an unnatural love for elastic waist pants.

9. Invents new lyrics to songs and sings his activities, i.e. "I'm eating, eating a snack, snack, snack" to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."

10. Lothes bathing.

I figure if I can keep him going at this rate, he won't score a date until college, and that's just fine by me.


Anonymous said...

As the mother of two nerds, I say hooray for Oscar! :) Just wait till he asks for his first pocket protector... *sniff*


Krystal said...

I want a nerd!!! (would I count as a nerd if I told you that I am commenting via my smart phone)

Michele said...

I raised 2 nerds. College age is about the age that nerds recognize girls and girls recognize that nerds are pretty awesome and have great earning potential.

My motto is; "I breed geeks"

Jennifer said...

I LOVED #7!! It made me laugh so hard!! I would tend to agree on the no dating until they are in collage!

Andrea said...

Nerds do rule...especially when they know it and embrace it! My son plays the viola in orchestra(soooo very much cooler than when I played violin more years ago than I care to say)...they refer to themselves as the orchy-dorks! Hooray for Oscar and all of the fun chats you get to have together!

Maggie da Silva said...

hey that sounds like my kid. like, a lot. it was the roy g. biv reference that confirmed my worst suspicions.

Keely said...

Hahhahhahaha! We also have a nerd. Or more of a geek, really. They're awesome.

Casey said...

I'm a fan of the geeky guys so I would say all of these are a good thing. The elastic waists had me cracking up.