Thursday, June 9, 2011

Conversations with a preschooler: Free range food

Jenni: So, Oscar, what do you want for your birthday dinner next week?

Oscar: Uhhh....

Jenni: It's your birthday so we can have your favorite dinner.

Oscar: Chocolate spiders!

Jenni: Chocolate spiders are not for dinner.  We can have those for dessert. What do you want for dinner?

Oscar: dogs?

Jenni: Okay, hot dogs. What about some asparagus?

Oscar: Oh, yeah, I love asparagus.

Jenni: Anything else?

Oscar: Uhhhh...could we go to a farm?

Jenni: For your birthday?

Oscar: A farm that has chickens on it?  Dead chickens.  And we could get a dead chicken and take it home and cook it for dinner.

Jenni: You want to go to a chicken farm and get a chicken to make for your birthday dinner?

Oscar: Yes!  A dead chicken.

Jenni: Okay, well I'll see if I can find a free range chicken farm around here so we can get a fresh chicken, but if not can I just buy a chicken at the store and cook that for your birthday dinner?

Oscar: A dead chicken?

Jenni: Yes, Oscar! A dead chicken!  Who cooks a live chicken?!

Oscar: I don't know, but that would not be a good idea.

Jenni: No, it would not.


VandyJ said...

Hey, he has a good handle on where food comes from--that's good, right?

gretchen said...

Huh? Oh, I'm sorry, I got to the part about Oscar loving asparagus, and was struck dumb with jealousy and awe. If you actually locate a free range chicken farm to get Oscar's birthday chicken from I will officially come to Washington and bow down on the ground in front of you to honor your superior mothering skills.

Strawberry said...

LOL these are such a trip.

Andrea said...

So do you think he'd be disappointed to see the live chickens at the farm? I think I need more info on the spiders! So sweet!

rachel said...

You lost me at Asparagus... LOL Just kidding, Happy Birthday to Oscar :)

Stimey said...

That kid is hilarious. I am imagining a barnyard complete with chicken coop, food bowls and water sources, but with chicken corpses dotting the yard. It's making me laugh really hard.

Casey said...

That kid is hilarious. Death has been all the rage around here too but in a scarier way. G has been asking all about it, wanting to know when he's dying and how much longer we're going to be his Mommy and Daddy before we die. It's breaking my heart!

Captain Dumbass said...

Dead chickens, hot dogs and asparagus and chocolate spiders. Sounds like a party to me.

Keely said...

Bwahhahhahhaha! That's awesome. Who WOULD cook a live chicken?