Thursday, June 9, 2011

Kids are funny

Have you ever seen the Disney/Pixar movie Cars?  This question is probably moot, but I ask because I know some of you (my IRL friends) who read regularly do not have kids and even though this movie is several years old, I did not see Cars until Oscar was almost two-years-old.  I had this whole thing before having kids where I didn't watch kids movies because I knew when I had kids I would be watching the hell out of kids movies and I wanted to keep them fresh.

(This was a good decision, by the way.)

Anyways, if you have small kids you've likely seen Cars and if you have small boys you have almost definitely seen this movie, probably a few hundred times.

My kids love this movie.  Both of them.  We have cars shirts and hats and toys and stickers and temporary tattoos.  And it's a nice movie with no real violence and a good, heartwarming message.  I guess it was intended to target the NASCAR parents, and while I'm not one of those, I still really like this movie and it's not about NASCAR or anything.  And I actually kind of dig the soundtrack, which is kind of surprising to me because it's country music and I don't really dig country music.

Okay, so anyways, this post is only partially about the movie. It's mostly about Miles' reaction to a certain part of the movie.  If you have never seen the movie, you are going to be totally lost here.

There is this scene where Mater is "watching" McQueen in the evening and they go out "tractor tipping." The tractors are basically cows - they moo, and walk slow, and graze pastures, and stampede.  So, when a car want so to "tip" a sleeping tractor, the car honks it's horn to startle the tractor, as demonstrated to McQueen by Mater.  Well, since McQueen is a race car, he does not have a horn but Mater teases McQueen until he figures out a way to tip the tractors.  What McQueen does, is rev his engine rally loud and it causes the whole entire pasture of tractors to moo and tip.

So, this is a pretty loud scene with the horn honking and the engine revving, and the funny thing is, every time we watch this movie, when this scene comes on, Miles scrambles in my lap and ever time Mater honks and McQueen revs his engine, Miles starts.  The little guy jumps out of his shoes! And he loves it!  He giggles every time.  It's just so funny to me, how he know it's coming every time, and every time it still startles him, and how much he loves the thrill of feeling startled.


Heidi said...

Ah, Pixar. How we love you.

Ted had a similar thing with Monsters Inc. when he was about Miles age. The point of the first 2319, where they pull off the sock and shave the monster. He would smile through the whole thing, until the CDA covered the sock in the dome and blew it up, then would laugh hysterically each and every time.

For about a year. And now he doesn't.

I miss that.

jpooh said...

"M'name's 'Mater.' Like 'Ta-Mater' without the 'Ta'."

What can I say, I'm an adult woman pushing 50 who loves Pixar films. The Incredibles was my favorite for years, but I think Up has now displaced it.

Why is my word verification "Pests"?


Sprite's Keeper said...

Every time in Tangled when the thief helping Rapunzel and Flynn escape says, "Go, live your dream."
Flynn answers, "I will."
The thief looks at Flynn and says, "your dream stinks. I was talking to her."
Sprite loses her shit EVERY TIME.

VandyJ said...

Bruiser has just discovered Cars. He loves it. And now will have anything that has Cars stuff on it. Rice Crispies cereal has Cars on the back--the only cereal he'll eat--Cars Cereal Mom!

Keely said...

How does he feel about Frank? That scares the crap out of X every time, but same thing, he LOVES it. He watches in terror and awe and gets super mad at me if I try to fast forward through the Frank part.

Are you taking them to Cars 2? ;)