Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby, it's hot outside

We've had some record breaking heat these past few days in my neck of the woods.  You may have heard. DC is a freaking sauna.  When I was driving home from the grocery store at 11am on Saturday and according to my van the temperature outside was 101 degrees.  ELEVEN in the morning.

It is so hot, and so humid.  It's feels like walking around in hot, wet clothes.  And the pool?  Bath water.  It's still refreshing, but not nearly enough.

We were at the pool last Thursday and the kids swam in the water for two entire hours, and then they were playing in the sandboxes.  After less than 30 minutes, they were beet read and the sweat was just pouring off their little foreheads.  I still had to practically drag them home.

We're going up north for some camping next week and I'm looking forward to some milder temperatures, going to bed early, and being outdoors with the boys.  I have a lot of bear related anxiety, but Nelson is an Eagle Scout so that has to count for something.


Michele said...

Have a great trip. Just remember the bears are more afraid of you. Or that's what they use to tell us in Montana.

Casey said...

Man, the heat sounds horrible up there. At least here in FL, we're used to sweating balls all day/every day. And the pool has literally been a lifesaver for the kids the past two summers.

Have fun camping, remember to play dead if a bear comes. Eagle scouts are way tastier.

Andrea said...

I hope y u have a window air conditioner for your tent! The boys must be so excited! Have fun!