Thursday, August 18, 2011

Getting things done

I called our town pubic works yesterday and ordered a new trashcan, since our large, curbside bin has an enormous crack and can barely hold in our garbage any more.  I also called the local locksmith and ordered a new lock core for our front door.

I also called up this company that is administering a professional exam Nelson is taking this fall.  We sent in the test fee of $275 and they sent it back, less $50 administrative fee, telling us that there was a new company administering the exam and they would contact us about paying the exam fee.  Well, they did, and the exam fee was $275, which seemed wrong to us because we'd already paid $50 and there's no way the fee could have gone up by 20% with no kind of notification or anything, right?

So I called an was all, "Hey, we already paid $50, so it should just be $225." And they were all, "No, the fee has gone up." And then I asked, "By 20%?  That's kind of a lot, don't you think? Particularly during a bum economy when people have less money than usual, right?" And then he responded, "..." And then I asked what we were getting for this 20% increase and the guy was like, "Uh, nothing?"  Which I knew but I was just giving the poor sod a hard time because I was irritated.  So that's how that went.

I spent the morning baking brownies and cookies and then hiding those cookies and brownies from my children, since they are for this weekend's escapades and not for their consumption.  I mean, I did give them each one brownie and one cookie, but I haven't baked in months (the heat), so they are dying for some baked goods.

I realize I should have just baked them a second batch of cookies, but I didn't have enough butter or chocolate chips.  I usually have more than enough stuff to bake several types/batches of cookies, but the weather has not been baking weather so I allowed my stores to diminish.

I signed Oscar up for soccer.  I'm looking forward to being a perfectly mediocre/sub-par soccer mom.  I also look forward to the many arguments about going to soccer practices and games that are sure to ensue (because Oscar does this thing? Where even when we are doing something he enjoys, he still fights about it?  It's pretty great.); and what is sure to be a crushing disappointment on the part of Miles William who is too young to play.

Anyway, that's where I'm at.  I leave this house for an entire weekend in less than six hours.  I'll catch ya on the flip.


Keely said...

Xander does that exact same thing. You should hear the unholy shrieks about bath time, even though he'd live in water if we let him. His new one is also "I DON'T WANT THAT," followed literally 2 seconds later by, "NOW I want that, Mom."

What are you doing with the cookies Miles took a bite out of (ie, all of them)?

Andrea said...

I need to do something else to up the productivity of my day, but am tired, so I need to figure out what progress I can make being horizontal on my couch!
That test thing is cuckoo!

rach said...

that test fee would have driven me UP THE WALL!! I hate paying extra for something you already paid for and for nothing! what jerks! I obviously have issues letting money go haha! I hope you enjoy that weekend- it sounds well deserved :)

gretchen said...

I am extremely impressed by your productivity. I could use some myself. Eek.

I'm afraid, however, that the one thing you forgot to do is spellcheck. Please reread the first sentence of this piece, and then giggle yourself silly, like I did. I don't think my town has a pubic works, but then it's LA, and it's possible.