Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's like natural disaster central here, y'all

An earthquake and a hurricane!  In the same week.  And flash flooding expected this week.  I'm still waiting for the brimstone.

Now, I know west coast folks have been giving us east coasters a hard time over our earthquake experience, but I would just like to say that WE DON'T QUAKE. It is not a normal occurrence here.  We do not know what to think when our homes begin shaking and crap starts falling off the walls.  Cut us some slack.

Personally, I thought it was a big truck passing by my house.  Then, when my windows started shimmying and the plaster in my walls started crackling I thought my house was falling down.  So, I quickly ran through a mental list of the most probably reasons my house would fall down:

1. Bomb in DC (no, I hadn't heard an explosion)
2. Furnace explosion (no, my house would be burning)
3. Earthquake?  (Oh, EARTHQUAKE!)

So I hustled the boys into the doorway of what I hoped was a load bearing wall and sort of cocooned over them and waited it out.  It was like 30 seconds.  Except for Benji who was upstairs and slept through the whole thing, and Oscar, who would not duck and cover and insisted on standing beneath the ceiling fan and asking me questions, as is his way.  "Why is the house moving?" "Why are things falling?" "Why is it an earth shake?" "Why do I have to come over there?"

It was weird, the way the floor rolled under my feet.  I remember thinking, "This is not a big deal," but my heart was hammering and I was clinging to those little boys imagining all the bad things that COULD have happened, you know?

Anyways, we were all fine.  Danny was a little rattled for the rest of the day, and I had to spend more time than I thought possible explaining tectonic plates and the Earth's crust to Oscar.  He was in nerd heaven.

Then we had the hurricane, which was no big in our parts. Lots of rain, some wind.  Downed tree limbs.  We lost power for about an hour.  But I understand that some folks are STILL without power so you are probably not reading this, but I hope you have electricity soon.

Now I have to go get a little boy ready for his first day of school, and this includes washing some long pants  because it is only like 60 degrees out and raining today.  Hello, fall.


Becky said...

Craziness! And that is such a long time to stand there with the earth shaking. Geez!

You have had your share of Mother Nature lately. I hope the first day of school goes well!

Andrea said...

Happy thoughts for a super fantastic first day of school...bring two tissues...just in case!

Frogs in my formula said...

Hasn't the weather been nuts? Hope the first day of school went great.

Momma Hunt said...

We are in CT and I still had friends that as of Tuesday did not have power, how crazy is that! Glad you were able to get ready fo rhte first day of school. I had to go to mine not showered due to no power, good thing it was only faculty and I had power and was showered before the kids came

Big Mama Cass said...

That is crazy! We had one in Colorado too but I didn't feel it here. I would have passed out in fear most likely.

Casey said...

I still can't get over the crazy natural disasters that have been headed your way. Glad you guys are safe and the boys are a little nerdier for it.