Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The saga of my stove

Last Thursday, I smelled gas in the house after returning from preschool drop off.  I took the kids outside, called the gas company, and they were out within hour.  They confirmed a slow leak from the back right burner, turned off the gas to the stove, and instructed me to call a repairman.

So I called a repairman and scheduled them to come out between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.  They never showed, never called, never nothing.  I called back and rescheduled for the next day.

They guys did show up the next day, and told me that there was no gas leak and my stove was in fine working order, but was pretty old and crappy and I should just buy a new one. He turned the gas back on and left. This was Friday.

Well, on Monday, I smelled gas again.  I took the kids outside, aired out the house, and it was fine.  No more smell. To be clear, it was not a really STRONG gas smell.  That would have freaked me out.  It was more of a wafting, occasional light gas smell.

Then, on Tuesday, after preschool drop off, I smelled gas again.  I took the boys outside, called the repair company and told them they needed to come back. Then, the repairman called and told me he was ordering a new regulator for my stove and he'd call back with the cost and estimated time of repair.

The problem was not the regulator.  It was the BURNER.  I was sure of it.  So I called a different repairman and they were there in about 30 minutes.  Guess what was wrong with my stove?  THE BURNER. The burner had worn out, as had the igniter, as had the tube that connects to the burner knob.  NOT THE REGULATOR.

So, the repairman fixed my stove so it would be safe (I cannot use that one burner) and told me he'd check on parts and call me back.  Then, I called the other repairman and told them how wrong they were, and how even if the regulator had been broken, no way should he have left the gas to my stove ON.  What a jackass. I'm trying to decided if I should demand my money back, since not only did he not fix my stove; he put my family's lives in danger with his carelessness and lack of knowledge and skill.

I heard back from the good repairman and they told me it would be $329 to fix my stove. My stove that probably cost $350 brand new 15 years ago.  HAHAHAHAHA!

We're getting a new stove.  I'm ordering it tonight, and it will be installed in about two weeks.  In the mean time, my current stove is safe it use and operate.  And that's the saga of my stove.


Sprite's Keeper said...

Yes. Definitely get your money back.

Andrea said...

Yes, demand your money back, and offer him your old stove to use in his house with the children home!

Michele said...

I'm with Jen and Andrea; demand your money back.

VandyJ said...

Yep, go get your money back.

Casey said...

Oh yeah, money back for sure. And WOO HOO, you get to go stove shopping! The money part sucks but getting a shiny new stove is a plus. And not blowing up in a gas explosion is also a plus. I've never had gas (the kind that fuels appliances, the gastrointestinal kind, sure) but I once blew out the pilot light at my cousin's because I thought they left it on by accident. Then I woke her up to ask if that was the right thing to do and she informed me that I almost killed us all.

Keely said...

Weird that the gas company was out faster than the people who are trying to make a living off of you. Yes, definitely get your money back. Also, very glad you didn't all explode, and that you blogged.

Susanica said...

Yup. I'd write a formal hard copy letter of complaint specifically asking for the money back. Put in the "cc" section on the bottom of the letter the names of higher ups either in the company or at Washington Gas or if you got them from Angie's list or something your reference (you don't really need to send them copies). Say if you are not contacted within 10 days you will begin legal proceedings. Bluff? Maybe. Maybe not. -M
P.S. If there is an e-mail address, send it that way too, letting them know it was sent on a certain date.