Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Your day is probably going way better than mine

I went out the car this morning and loaded in three small children for preschool drop off.  I hadn't even made it around the corner when my role-playing game neighbors (I like these guys) ran up to the van and said, "Your front tire is almost completely flat!"

I thanked him and turned around to go home, seriously grumbling because, of course the tire is flat!  There's a nail in it!

A nail in it, you say? Yes, folks, there is a nail in my tire.  And I knew all about it, and in a few short moments, YOU are going to know all about it.

So, about a month or so ago, when we first started getting our cold snaps at night, the tire pressure light started coming on in our van.

The first time it happened, I was alarmed! I called my husband, who was in the house, and demanded that he come outside and evaluate our tires (they looked fine to me.) He also declared them fine and said it was probably just the weather and a really sensitive air pressure detector.

I'm not going to lie here; I was skeptical.  This is the second season we've had the van and the air pressure light did not come on even one time last winter.  In fact, it had never gone on before this date.  But, being that my husband is the boss of all appliances, vehicles, and equipment that live outdoors, I gave him the point and just moved on.

It was maybe two weeks and that light never went off.  Nelson said that we were going to have to take it into the dealer to get it turned off and I though that was ridiculous.  I made him check the pressure in the tires and the PSI in all four tires was a little low (35psi - it should be 36) and in on tire the pressure was 32psi (low!)

So he filled the tires and I felt a little smug and the light was off for a few days (a week maybe?) and it came on again.  And one of the tires was noticeably lower.  I made lots of noises and Nelson finally check the tire again and it was down to like 30psi (!!!).

The light was off for a day or two and then it was on again.  At this point I began to strongly suspect that something was wrong with the tire.  There was clearly some kind of slow leak. He checked it again over Thanksgiving weekend and found a nail in the tread.  Ah-ha! The reason for the slow leak.

I asked Nelson what we would do about this nail and he said that since the car was due for an oil change, we'd have them fix the tire at the same time.  Sounds good, yes? This was on Saturday last. I questioned if the tire would be okay until then, and he assured me it would be fine.

Now, you may be thinking here that Nelson obviously made an appointment for an oil change because obviously he would not want his family driving around on a tire with a slow leak.  Alas, he did not, showing a complete disregard for our safety.  I pretty sure he cut the brake lines as well, and maybe put some arsenic in our drinking water.

You may be wondering why I did not just take charge and make the plans for the oil change/tire repair myself.  There are two reasons.  One, is that you cannot have your oil changed with small children. That's a nightmare.  The other is that Nelson and I recently had a fight about how I don't have faith in his ability to repair things and how I question his judgement on repairs, so I am working to not do that any longer.

(This fight was about the front screen door. The closer on that door has been broken since FOREVER and Nelson tried to fix it four times, all unsuccessful. So, he wanted to make a fifth attempt and I was like, "Look, you can't fix it. You've tried four times! Come on!" So we argued and then he fixed it and so far it has remained fixed. Lesson learned, me.)

Anyways, I was pretty angry that the tire was flat because I KNEW that was going to happen, and I also knew Nelson had made no moves to schedule a repair for the tire (or the oil change for that matter.) I was also angry because I knew that with my whacked out shoulder/neck, I was not going to be able to change the tire myself (I can barely changed a normal sized tire on a normal sized vehicle when I'm in peak health.) My anger was heightened because I knew our AAA membership lapsed just this month because the auto-renew credit card had expired and I had not gotten around to calling them and giving them the new number.

That has been my morning.  Nelson is coming home a little early to get the tire repaired.  Oscar missed school and has been alternately tormenting Miles, or instructing Miles to torment Benji.

The end.


VandyJ said...

OK, you win. I didn't thyink today was going to be good, but after all that, my day is going to be just fine.
Hope your's improves.

Michele R said...

Housebound! I recently had a slow leak in one of mine but I am expected to deal with the oil and slow leaks on my car. I go to a Firestone with a coupon from the internet and it is next door to a Chick fil A. Maybe (after today) you could eyeball a Jiffy Quick/Big Ten Tire/Firestone type place (no appts needed) that is next door to a fast food place.
And going to the dealership for repairs? Ah hell no!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Ah yes, the travels of the "slow leak". Had one of those, had been promised by well meaning husband that it would "be fine", only to be stuck on the way home with preschooler in the back screaming "I hafta go potty!" while I frantically call well meaning husband to bitch him out. Fun times.

Andrea said...

Oh my gosh!

1) My tire pressure light has been on (and very rarely off) for over a month. I wonder if I should look more closely!

2) I am not seeing updates to people's blogs as they are happening---i thought you were just MIA!!!!!! I must go get caught up now!

Erin said...

He probably isn't putting arsenic in your water, but you might want to avoid all apply juice :)

Do you have a Valvoline near you? They are a little pricier than other oil change prices, although we constantly get coupons that make them equal. They do oil changes while you are in the car! The kids get to watch the mechanics doing all their stuff, you get to stay in the car, and they are fast!!!

Keely said...

Bugger. Alfred and I have also had the "you don't have faith in my ability to repair things" argument. Mostly because he doesn't have much ability to repair things. I hope your day gets better.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love when they listen so well. Hubby and I have those moments too but I usually go ahead and do it because I know how he is.

have a wonderful holiday!