Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Is it summer yet? We are obsessing.

We've had a couple of early warm days here in DC, so warm that we went ahead an popped in the window units this weekend. Like a lot of the older homes in our area, we are sans central air. It's a little tragic, but mostly we keep on keeping on. I think we're going to get a new unit for the downstairs. The one we have has to be 10 years old if it's a day, and it's just not keeping up with our hot, swampy summers.

Pretty much every single day the boys ask me if it's summer yet. Oscar is ready to be out of school, they are excited for the pool to reopen, they want to go camping again, Oscar is looking forward to his birthday. Pretty much every single day I tell them that no, it's still spring, but summer will be here before we know it. Our first camping trip is only two and a half weeks away, and it's at the beach!  A great way to start our summering.

This year I decided not to send Oscar to any camp. He hated it last year and I had to drag him every day, and it was terrible. He's going to get a real summer this year, no stupid camp. Let see how much I regret that decision, shall we? Place your bets.

I'm sort of obsessed with online summertime clothing shopping as well. I never have time to go to the store, so I end up buying a bunch of stuff online and returning half of it. It works for me. I'm currently eyeing this new swimsuit from Lands End but I haven't been able to commit to spending $90 on a new suit when I got a new suit last year. But I really like this new one because it has short bottoms. Short bottoms! The one I got last year has the mom swim skirt and it's okay, but the short bottoms seem really cute.

Our Popsicle and Fudgesicle supply has been restocked. The whole not having central air thing necessitates lots of iced treats in the summer. In fact, I rate the heat of the day by how many Popsicles are required to aid in cooling down. For example, your average summer day would probably be a One Popsicle Day, but a scorcher, when it's in the upper 90s, low 100s - that's gonna be more like a Three Popsicle Day, maybe even Four if you had several hot ones in a row. So, yeah, we go through a lot of Popsicles in the summer.

Tomorrow I'll also finish off Phase One of the summer clothing transition for the boys. I'll officially pack up all their long-sleeved shirts, winter coats, mittens, hats, boots, undershirts to make way for the rest of the T-shirts. They be in long pants on and off probably until mid-May, so I'll leave four or five pair of those out until then. Two giant plastic bins have been sitting in the third bedroom for weeks, since I started Phase One, and I'm dying to get them into the attic. DYING. Like, every time I look at those bins and the heap of clothing amassed on top of them I get stomach cramps. I need order back in my life.

The weather today is gorgeous, but the pollen is killer so we can't even fully enjoy it. We end up having to come in because Miles William claims there are "claws" in his eyes. Can you imagine? Poor bear.

Alright, I have to go wash the Fudgsicle from my children's faces and put gas mask on Miles so I can get these goons outside for a bit.

Tell me, are you gearing up for summer? Enjoying spring? Still stuck in the cold?


rach said...

Ahh I miss the springs and summers in Virginia! (yes even the pollen!) Its still freezing in Ireland and it will probably be chilly all "summer". I miss having 4 seasons instead of one mostly rainy one!

nutella said...

you count by popsicles, huh? Interesting. Don't think this method is gonna work for us because Curly doesn't like cold things. We'll just keep him mostly naked and at the water table.

Andrea said...

Get the swim shorts! You'll love them! Worth it. Maybe you will enjoy not having to make the trip to camp either!

Keely said...

Still cold here. In fact, it fucking SNOWED after we've had a few days of nice 18C weather so that was a bit of a kick in the teeth.

Summer will be spent rebuilding the basement. Whee.

Aimee said...

Okay, wow, packing away the long things is so foreign to us now! We still need them on chilly summer evenings...and summer is a long way off. It is sunny today, though, so the boys are fine with jeans and a hoodie.

I'm ready for summer, too...need to go look at campsite reservations right now, as a matter of fact!