Monday, March 25, 2013

Six Months

So, it's been six months.

In all honesty, I'd half (more than half) decided to just never blog again. I'm working fully time now, so writing for pleasure like this seems like a luxury. But, for the past few weeks, I've been missing it.

These past six months have been quite a transition for our family, what with me starting work full time, Oscar beginning kindergarten and Miles starting preschool. There have been some tough moments, one in particular when Oscar burst in to tears at bedtime as I was leaving for a meeting, telling me he hoped I'd be fired so I could be home with him all the time.


For the most part, though, things have been okay. Nelson has really stepped up to the plate, taking on significantly more child and meal responsibilities with minimal complaint. I mean, yes, he told my brother a few months ago that things were "brutal" but I'm sure he was just exaggerating.

Last was was this particularly busy week, with two co-workers out, one unexpectedly, that sort of ended up more than doubling my workload for a few days (hence today's comp day). I was working crazy long hours and Nelson was running herd on the kids and dinner and really everything.

He was chatting with a friend on the phone toward the end of the week, and as I was walking through the room, I heard Nelson say, "Yeah, Jenni's been working a lot lately so I've been taking care of the kids a lot," and I sort of paused, and then he quickly added, "Which is fine because I'm their dad."

This just struck me as terribly funny, first, that he mildly complained about the extra child care (fair enough); second, that he sort of dismissed his own complaining by acknowledging that, as a dad, he should be caring for his children.

And, really, this has been tough for me, giving up the role as sole primary care giver for the boys. Nelson has been shouldering dental visits and well child exams, homework with Oscar, Lego builds, and bath times. And, while, as he said, he is their dad, this is still all new for him and pretty significant.

Anyway, so here's where I'll stop for now. I'll try to summon up a cute kid story for my next post. Like six months from now.


Krystal said...

Life changes are hard, especially the ones that impact your kids. I started writing again because so much is going on that I need an outlet or else I'd go crazy. One rant post and one random not so interesting post later I'm hoping to keep it worries, we'll be here in 6 months when you come back :-) And Kudos to Nelson for stepping up like he has.

Keely said...

Yayyayayay! I'm just glad to see you blog again. Even if it is every 6 months.

Andrea said...

Hey! Good to see you. In some overtired moment of panic a couple of months ago, I thought you had blocked me or something and I just wasn't seeing your posts!

gretchen said...

Well helloooooo! Great to have you back. I need more Oscarelli!

Anonymous said...

Well hello! Good to see you again. I completely get the whole going back to work full time, handing over some of the childcare pain. I went back into full time employment (although it's classed as part time because I work in a school so school holidays - yay!) in September and recently My husb stayed home with a poorly boy because I had to go to work - it felt really wrong to be leaving a poorly boy but I felt grudgingly good to be able to give the responsibility to the husb.