Sunday, December 16, 2007


The napping strike continues. In addition to the napping strike, he's also refusing to go to bed or sleep through the night. That's right, my great little sleeper that has been sleeping through the night for the past three and a half months is now waking not one, not two, but THREE times every night. And, on top of that, instead of going to bed around 7pm, he's staying up till around 9pm. So, it is bed at nine (after waging the the war to end all wars in his fight against sleep); up at 11 for a quick snuggle and rock back to sleep; up at 1am for a nurse and a snuggle; up at 4am for a nurse and a snuggle; up at 8am for the day. Our pediatrician, who we saw on Friday, told me this could be caused by teething - and he totally is teething right now and those two little suckers at the bottom are just below the surface. He also said that babies start to really dream around six months, so that could also be the cause. But he did assure me that over the next three months Oscar will develop a regular nap schedule and he will start sleeping through the night again. Dr. Jones has been right on the money with just about every issue we've asked him about so far, so I'm hoping he's right about this as well.

In other baby news, Oscar had a great check up! He weighed in at just under 17lbs and measured a whopping 27.5 inches! Dr. Jones also gave us the green light to start Oscar on yogurt, cottage cheese, toast, crackers, and Cheerios! That's right - he's officially ready for finger foods. I just can't believe he's such a big boy. I'm such a proud mama.

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