Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What's my name?

Oscar, wearing his Fat Face

I thought I was the only one who was going to give my kid an identity crisis, but Susanica proved me wrong! Things you many hear Nelson and I call our son:

Oscar, Oscarelli, Oscariffic, O, O-man, Buzz, Bee, Bunny, B. Bunny, Bee Buzzington, Bun Bun, Bunny Boo, Buzz Beeington, Cutie McStinkpants, Stinky McCutepants, Stinky, Cutie Cuterton (from Cute-ville, no less), Smilar, Kicklar, Monkey, Silly Billy Boo, Little Man, Mommy's Boy, OG, the original OG, Boo Boo, Crankleton, Fusserton, Little Oscar No Nap, Moscarelli, Cutiepants, Bean, Beantown, Sweetie, Sweets

1 comment:

Susanica said...

Ha ha! Stinky McCutiepants! Our secret name for "little D" is Squatty McPoopster in honor of the faces and sounds he makes when he thinks his exersaucer is a toilet ;-) Love this list Jenni! -M