Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Poop: It's been a while

Once upon a time, I talked about baby poop. You may remember such posts as this, and this, or even this. Lucky for you, we're having some more issues with the poop.

Oscar has a particular method for fighting his naps I call the poop method. Basically, after I put him down, all drowsy and half asleep, he poops himself and commences screaming bloody murder. The reason I think it is a method is that it happens so frequently. Also, sometimes the poops are quite large, but they are just as often quite small and it's clear he was really trying hard to poop, as he know he always gets changed immediately when he's poopy.

You may be thinking there no way a ten-month-old baby "knows" he gets changed when he's poopy and could possibly be smart enough to poop to avoid his naps.

You'd be wrong. A ten-month-old absolutely knows how to manipulate his parents. A five-month-old knows how to manipulate his parents. Really. Did I mention that when I go to get him from his crib he APPLAUDS my appearance? No kidding. "Oh, is that you, Mommy? Yay, Mommy! Yay, Mommy! You're here, you're really here!" Imagine what that feels like - it simultaneously melts your heart and makes you feel like the worst parent ever for not arriving 15 seconds sooner.

Anyway, in the past few weeks, the poop method has fallen out of favor. He's been napping okay. And then, a resurgence of the poop method, but this time, it's at bed time.

So, about an hour after I put him down, Oscar wakes with a soiled diaper. Excuse me, I mean a full to almost overflowing poopy diaper. Awful. Of course he's screaming. Who could sleep like that? And then, when I try to change him, he continues screaming as though I'm jamming a hot poker in his eye. Again, awful.

Oscar hasn't pooped overnight since he was maybe four weeks old, and now we have night pooping again. I'm not sure why but it is absolutely wretched. I feel bad for him, I feel bad for me. It's things like this that remind me just when I think I've gotten the hang of things, that I know what to expect, that we have a routine, Oscar can change it up in a minute.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Daddy's in Philly: Day One

Nelson left for Philly for three days last night after dinner and I miss him already. Taking care of a baby is always hard work, but it's even harder when you're used to having help and that help leaves for three days. Last night was not too bad. Oscar got to stay in the bed all night, which he loved, and really so did I. He's just such a little cuddle bug.

Speaking of Oscar, he started cruising last week. He's going to be walking before I know it and I can't wait. He's also be trying to climb up things and that scares the living daylights out of me. On the verbal front, when I asked him if he wanted more cereal this morning, I swear he said, "Yeah, yeah!" and he's getting really close to saying "dog." He's turning into a little boy right before my eyes.

Okay, now I'm crying (thanks, fetus!) so lets end here. Dinner and bath all by ourselves tonight, Bean. Let's make it work

Thursday, April 24, 2008

So there it is

I'm pregnant, about two months by my count, which really isn't so good considering I have no idea when my last period was, and we could not be more thrilled. What I do know is I've missed at least two periods now, had multiple positive pregnancy tests, and am in the throws of first trimester yuckiness: heartburn, ungodly gas, frequent bathroom trips, utter exhaustion, night wakings (not including those caused by Oscar), and Nelson's favorites, wretched crabbiness and short temper. Up to this point, the morning sickness and headaches have only been occasional, but are beginning to happen more frequently. I'm also so hungry I could eat an entire cow, and think chicken tastes and smells like rotting flesh. I'm hoping it was just last night's dinner, but judging by the queasiness I'm experiencing just thinking about chicken, I doubt it.

Cravings thus far: Steak, bloody; fresh salads with cucumbers, ripe tomatoes, Gorgonzola cheese, and a very salty, tangy balsamic vinaigrette; the aforementioned steak atop the aforementioned salad; pizza with tomatoes and garlic; lemons with salt; hot wings. If I could eat only these foods for the rest of my pregnancy, I'd be a happy woman.

As far as wanting a boy or girl, I think I can safely say, I just want a healthy baby but am leaning more toward the boy side. Nelson, too. Although I have a GORGEOUS name picked out for a girl and nothing for a boy. Boy names are just harder.

We were hoping for another home birth, but our insurance does not cover them. I knew this when I chose it, but we didn't anticipate becoming pregnant again so soon. And paying for it ourselves is just not an option with only one income. We'll be attempting delivery at BirthCare's free standing birth center, and I'm okay with that because I love all the midwives there, but a little sad that #2 won't have the honor of being born at home.

Above, our first little home birth baby, playing with Dada in his granddaddy's grassy yard. If #2 is even half as sweet, funny, smart, and adorable as Oscar, we'll have it made.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jenni's about to find out who really reads her blog

Guess who's going to be a big brother....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bad Mommy moment

Well, it finally happened. We knew it was inevitable. Oscar fell off the bed. Or, crawled off the bed, rather. And it was all my fault.

He's been going down for his morning nap early the past few days, so I decided to continue the trend, even on Danny days. This means Oscar was napping before Danny even arrived. Oscar seems to nap better when he doesn't know Danny's here - I guess he doesn't think he's missing anything.

This is great because the Bean will normally nap for 1.5 - 2 hours in the morning now. This is not so great because the boys morning nap is out of sync and it makes it a little more difficult to entertain Oscar when he wakes up because we can't go down to the play area (where Danny also sleeps.)

Usually, Oscar and I will hang out in the grown up bed and read books and play with toys. It's usually only 30-40 minutes until Danny wakes, so there is enough to keep him occupied for that long. Except yesterday, I seem to have closed my eyes for just a second while lying on the bed with Oscar. He was right next to me, playing. And the next thing I hear was a loud "THUMP" and my son, screaming in pain.

I was disoriented at first, but quickly realized what had happened and rushed over to the other side of the bed. There was Oscar, lying on his stomach with his head buried in his arms, sobbing. I picked him up and began looking for injuries. His whole face was red from crying, so I couldn't tell where he'd bumped. He seemed okay otherwise. I held him close and rocked him for a few moments and he's crying decreased.

Then, Danny woke up. Oscar herd him crowing downstairs and began crowing back. I brought him down and the babies were thrilled to see each other, as they always are, and commenced some serious playing. Oscar ended up with a red spot on his right temple and a swollen right eye.

Today, the mark is more of a bruise, the eye is still slightly swollen, and I still feel like the worst, most negligent mom ever.

Oscar, on the other hand is happily throwing around cups at my feet. He's forgotten all about it.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Little bullies

This past glorious Thursday morning, I was walking the boys back from a post-nap, pre-lunch visit to the park. On the way to and from the park, we pass by my neighborhood's elementary school. Often when we are out we see kids out playing at recess. The boys absolutely love watching all the kids run and scream and play, and I like it too. It makes me think of what the boys will be like 5, 6, 7 years from now. Will they still be friends? Will they like playing tag, or prefer basketball or baseball? Will they be shy or outgoing? Will they be the kids doing a good job of getting filthy or the kids trying hard to stay clean (I think I already know the answer to this one)?

On this particular Thursday, I noticed three boys, about 7 or 8 years old standing off from the crowd, peering over their shoulders. It was clear to me they were up to no good, but what brand of no good I could not tell. I will call they boys by the color of their shirts, so as not to be confusing: white shirt, red shirt, navy shirt.

Navy shirt is sort of leading white shirt to the bottom of a small hill next to the fence, where the recess monitors cannot see what's going on. They are talking, navy shirt is looking over his shoulder up the hill. Red shirt come sauntering down, and starts talking to white shirt as well. Then he starts shoving white shirt in the chest.

At this point, everyone is smiling - looks like a bit of little boy roughhousing. But then, things take a turn. Red shirt grabs white shirt in a choke hold and begins punching him repeatedly in the ribs and head. Navy shirt is looking on, and being look out. It is clear to me that this is no bit of roughhousing, as white shirt is struggling to escape. This is a clear case of bullying, and two on one at that.

Just as I begin to yell over to the boys to break it up (I was across the street from the play yard) another child notices what is going on and alerts a recess monitor, who blows his/her whistle. Red shirt immediately stops his hitting white shirt and the three boys run up the hill.

I'm not sure how the boys were dealt with. But it made me think about the boys. Will they be the kid in the navy shirt, leading a victim into a trap? The kid in the red shirt, picking on and beating up other children in the play yard? Will they be the kid who gets bullied? Or will they be the one who comes to the rescue, alerting adults to the bullying situation?

I don't think the boys will be bullies - they are both much to sweet tempered for that. But it makes me scared for them, because if you're not a bully, chances are you're going to be bullied at some point in your life. I hope they are both armed with the tools to deal with these situations. I hope they know they have parents and other people in their lives that love them and that they can come to if they need support.

Right now, Oscar and Danny's lives are all about playing, loving, eating, learning new skills, and this hard work. But, I think being a kid gets harder and harder the older they get. And I think being a parent gets harder to. I hope I can meet the challenge.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Bean! You're ten months today.

My sweet, sweet boy. Love of my life. Happy ten month birthday, and thank you for the best ten months of my life. Muah!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Nine Weeks

I got my hair cut yesterday for the first time in 30 weeks. I hadn't gotten a hair cut since Oscar was three months old. Me, the woman who used to make her appointments 6-8 weeks apart; a woman who was an owner (wearer?) of a $200+ hair style. Color, cut, highlights, waxing - it adds up quickly. Not to mention the expensive designer hair products I could not be without, including shampoo, conditioner, moose, hair paste, hair wax, hair spray. I literally spent thousands of dollars a year on my hair. It really amazes me when I think about it. Now, I go seven months between cuts and wash my hair maybe three times a week.

Now, I won't lie, I miss my old hair. It was short and edgy and spiky. It was glorious. I used to get comments from women on the street and in the subway about how cute my hair was. My hair stylist and I inspired some serious cases of hair envy.

I also miss getting my hair done. It was always two hours of me time. I didn't have to worry about anything but chatting with my stylist and reading People magazine. No one expected anything more from me and it was fantastic.

The days of $200+ hair styles are behind me and I've accepted this. Not only do we no longer have the money to shell out for my outrageous dos, I also don't have the time to maintain them. I'm wearing my natural hair color for the first time in 16 years. But, what I realized yesterday as I got my hair done with no frills, at a much more reasonable price, is that I still need that me time.

I decided to schedule my next appointment in eight weeks.

"June 7. Is that Okay?" Suzanne (stylist extraordinaire) asked.

"Yes. That's one week before Oscar's birthday," I said.

Nine weeks. My baby's going to be one in nine weeks. How did that happen?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oscar gets dirty

The bean had to go to the doctor again today. His fever just wouldn't quit and he has been sleeping absolutely awful, and eating next to nothing. Turns out the ear infection was caused by a sinus infection, poor guy. He's now on some antibiotics that will hopefully clear it all up in a week and a half. Dr. Jones made promises that he'd be feeling better by Sunday. We can only hope.

However, Dr. Jones also said that his sinus infection was no reason to keep him in doors, so I took him outside to play in the yard for the first time. And he LOVED it. He spent the entire time chasing Valentine and laughing hysterically at her, plucking grass with his finger and toes, and trying to eat grass (we came in after he'd put the third handful in his mouth. Here's a little montage of his adventure. Oh, and how gorgeous is our grass? Kudos, Nelson.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sometimes I'm still a lame blogger

I've been a little quite these past few days, I know. There's been a lot going on in our house - my birthday, Oscar's been sick, and there are a few big changes afoot around here including (but not limited too) planning for Oscar's move to the second bedroom and PJ's move back to CC that have me feeling a bit overwhelmed. More on all of this later

In other Oscar news, he started pulling up to standing last week and is officially crawling all over the place and has almost completely given up his army crawl in favor for all fours.

Above is my favorite photo of the moment, courtesy my friend Pam (or possibly Rick.) Enjoy!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Well sur-prise, sur-prise!

I came home from a play date this afternoon to find a DHL package on my porch. I assumed it was a gift from my Dad, since my birthday is tomorrow and I'd already gotten a gift from my mom. I nurse Oscar, put him down, picked him up, changed his (very) poopy diaper, put him back down, did dishes, threw in some laundry, checked my email, and FINALLY sat down to open my gift.

To my delight it was a Cookie Bouquet, containing a dozen cookies. But it wasn't from my Dad. Below is a shot of two of the cookies from the package. Guess who sent it! You'll never guess!

Okay, here's a hint: Those cookies are in the shape of smiling teeth. Teeth! If you guessed my dentist sent me this cookie bouquet for my birthday, you're correct! They usually send a tooth themed "Happy Birthday" postcard (which they did again this year), but this is the first time I've gotten cookies, and tooth shaped ones at that! I've been seeing her for about seven years now, and totally love her. Her favorite color is purple, so her office space is purple, she gives our purple pens, her instruments are purple, the X-ray vest is purple, she sends cookie bouquets in a purple box with a purple ribbon; it's hilarious and I love it. And now I love her even more. Thanks, Dr. Dice-Shah!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

What a stinky day

I changed eight poopy diapers today. EIGHT. If your wondering, that is A LOT. Lots and lots of poop.

Now I'm going to bed.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008