Friday, August 1, 2008

Karaoke - Santa Cruz Style

A fitting post for phobia Friday considering that standing up in a room full of people and singing my guts out terrifies me almost as much as scorpions (given the choice, I'd sing.) My voice sounds okay singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider to my kid, but not so good when belting out Escape to a room full of strangers.

However, my BFF who I've know for 20 years LOVES karaoke and has a darn good voice to boot. Seriously. So, karaoke it was for her 30th birthday.

Being that my BFF and I have been BFF for 20 years, I've been to lots and lots of karaoke joints in my day, and karaoke in Santa Cruz was by far the most bizarre and entertaining and bizarre one I've ever been to. There are just tons of weirdo locals that show up every week. And I took photos.

Lets start with this guy:

He goes by the name of Orange Man. I'm thinking that's because of the orange hair. And socks. And shorts. Technically, he could have also gone by Yellow Man, but whateves. He went totally ballistic singing Back in Black. The spittle was flying people.

Now, check out this motley bunch:

Okay, so bottom photo, woman dancing stage right? See her? Her first song of the night was a hip-hop version of Old MacDonald. The children's song. I SAID EIEIO! And the woman dancing stage left? Her first song of the evening was Redneck Woman and she has the voice of an angel. For real. The woman in the wheelchair in the top photo? She was all about the Madonna. Other than the woman in the tank top and the woman in the wheelchair, none of these people actually know each other. They all just joined that man on the floor to help him sing his song.

The song? Crazy by Brittney Spears. Also, I know one of those four weirdos. Guess which one.

Moving on, then there was this guy:

(sorry for the poor photo quality.) You may be thinking this is once again Orange Man. You'd be wrong. This is *ahem* Psychic. And not only did he bring his own music (some German death metal) he also brought props in the form of four glowing cubes that he placed on the floor and danced around. Until he tried to juggle them. TRIED.

And, there were more. There was this super old Italian guy that sang Dean Martin one minute, then for his next song he donned giant pink clown glasses and sang Play that Funky Music (a real crowd pleaser.) A woman who wore a blond wig and did off key spoken word to Blondie's Heart of Glass (awful), a super supportive guy who sang 80s rock (he wasn't very good, but was uber supportive of all the other singers.)

And, then, there was my BFF:

Right here, she's singing What's Up? by Four Non Blonds. She was so freaking awesome, that she drew a crowd OUTSIDE the bar. There were like 15 people like up in front of the windows watching her. And she got a standing ovation. And, like 7 of the outside fans came in to enjoy more karaoke. I'm not even kidding. She kicked major behind.

I did not sing, but I did have the best time I've had sober at a karaoke bar in my entire life. And that's saying something, people.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE me some fun karaoke! Although I would have had an even funner time checking out those fun characters. Orange man might haunt me in my dreams....