Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oscar's First Steps - With Video!

I HATE the way my voice sounds - but anyways, here's Oscar, taking some of his very first steps. He only takes maybe a half a dozen at a time, but this is his first day. I expect big things from this kid.


Anonymous said...

isn't this fun?!!

Martin said...


Cuteness dripping off of him.

The big grin and smiles are just magic.

(I hate my voice too)

Jenni said...

@diana - I know, this is too fun!

@xbox - Thanks. The pictures don't even do him justice, right?

Susanica said...

Awesome! Danny also started walking while we've been up here in VT--he took 7 steps in a row on Tuesday. But unlike Oscar, when he falls he starts crawling again. Looks like Oscar gets right back up and starts walking again. Like I said when both boys started crawling, looks like watching them both just got a lot more interesting! -Monica