Monday, August 11, 2008

Random Bits

Sometimes, when I go to my blog page, the baby is missing from my Baby Astrology bubble, and it kind of freaks me out. Also, doesn't it look like it grew overnight? It seems much bigger today. That freaks me out a little as well.


Oscar is seriously ready for size four diapers, but I still have an entire sleeve of size threes, and then some. I'm trying to be frugal and use up what we have, but we've had some major pee and/or poop outs recently. I'm not sure how much longer my love of frugality can win out over my hate of leaking poop and pee. I've got about two weeks worth left though, so I'm hoping I can stay strong.


Speaking of poop, have I told you how I can no longer change a poopy diaper without gagging? This is since becoming pregnant. It's gotten better, but it's still pretty bad. The worst is when I can smell Oscar's poopy diaper in the bedroom while I'm standing in the hallway. With the door closed. No, the worst is when I think I'm changing a pee and then SURPRISE! it's poop. Really, really bad, folks.


The dog hair in my house in out of control. OOC. The nesting is kicking in hardcore and I can't take the mess of it. It always happens this time of year, particularly after we've had a massive heat wave, but this is the worst year ever. I usually vacuum every-other-day, but the past week I've been vacuuming TWICE a day, and there are still piles of dog hair everywhere. These are the moments I wish we had no pets.


We're going to start getting Oscar's toddler room ready this weekend so he can transition out of the nursery sometime next month. My desire to do things The Right Way and my husbands desire to do things The Easy Way will once again be in direct opposition. I anticipate arguments galore. Thank god I'm pregnant because that means I definitely win and the room will look much better for it.


Martin said...

You absolutely need to blog about vomiting into a dirty nappy!

Susanica said...

Hey Jenni. Use the rest of the Huggies 3 on Danny's scrawnier hind end. That new box of Huggies 4s that the poopy child fairy brought yesterday (okay, Susanne who equally can't seem to smell a poopy boy without passing out)anyway, that box of 4s is ready to be used okay! ;-)

No helpful hints with the dogs. You can't really vaccum them can you? -M

Ami said...

i love your justification of why you get to win the argument...classic :)