Thursday, August 21, 2008

Reason #97 Why Pregnancy is Gross

So I guess I do have something to blog today.

The other morning, I got dressed and was brushing my teeth, per usual. Except when I went to spit the tooth paste foam out of my mouth, instead of landing in the sink, IT LANDED ON MY BOOB. As in, my boobs are so big, they OBSCURE the sink. And I don't mean a little spray of tooth paste foam landed on my boob, I mean the whole freakin mouthful.

Boobs larger than sinks = bio hazard. And I'm not even going to start on the amount of crumbs, etc. that get caught in my bra between my cleavage, since my freakishly large boobs also completely obscure whatever plate I'm eating over top of. I swear it's a veritable crumb shower when I undress in the evenings. It's like I need a bib or something.


Misty said...

I cackled at this. It's funny because it's true, as my husband is wont to say.

Bio-Hazard! Ha!

moo said...

This made me LOL. Did the toothpaste sting a little?

Jenni said...

Thank, Misty!

Moo - No, I was wearing a shirt, but I did have to change and that was terribly annoying.

justjane said...

Ohhhh jenni. that is a problem with no easy solution. blurgh.

Anonymous said...

ummm, this will never happen to me...pregnancy meant going from an A to a C-, and that was exciting!! but the pee thing happened to me all the time :))

Red Cup Mom said...

I just landed here from a comment you left somewhere else. Mostly because you spell your name the same way I spell mine. I'm Jenni too and not Jenny. Anyway, that was laugh out loud funny! Love it!