Friday, September 19, 2008

And So It Began

He was so little and soft and smelled so amazing. He'd never been bathed and he smelled like the very essence of purity and freshness. I could not get enough of that smell.

He was bigger than I expected, but I was still amazed at how tiny he was. I could not stop looking at him, his perfect rosebud mouth, the downy soft hair on his head, the stork bit on the back of his little neck.

When he nursed in those first few days, his body seemed to melt into mine. In our first few weeks, napping during the day with him on my chest, he would squirm and wiggle his way up my torso until his head rested between my neck and chin and his heart was directly over top of my own.

At just four weeks old he looked into my eyes and gave me his first smile. My heart was so full I almost couldn't bear the sweetness.

I knew I would love my son, but I had no idea how all consuming that love would be. How he would fill an emptiness in my heart that I did not know was there. How I'd been waiting my whole life for him. That he would be my soul mate.

Many people said to me, "Don't loose your identity in being a mother. Remember who you are." But I was born to be his mother. It is who I was always meant to be.


Congratulations to Kristen and Rebecca on their pending arrivals. May babies number three and two, respectively, give you joy beyond your expectations.


Backpacking Dad said...

This was very sweet. :}


I loved this. Totally made me teary. You have very lucky children and a wonderful way with words. Thank you so much for particpating. xo. Bec

Anonymous said...

Reading these posts is definitely helping the dread that can come with knowing how the newborn months can be.

You've provided some much needed light.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. So incredible, isn't it?