Monday, September 29, 2008

Consigning my Soul

Last week, a friend and I went to the preview sale of our area's largest consignment sale. And I think a piece of my soul died as I waited in line to buy $50 of someone's used crap longer than it took me shop for said use crap.

In case you missed it, I'm expecting my second baby in under two years. And babies cost money. Money that we don't really have a lot of. So, I'm trying to economical in purchasing items for our expected arrival, or, I'm trying to do this one on the cheap. In theory consignment sales are ideal, particularly in our area. The median family income is pretty high, so these sales generally have lots of expensive, barely used stuff for practically free!

Sound too good to be true? That's because it is. It's like 500 moms and pregnant women tearing through racks of last season's Baby Gap. Most of the stuff was over priced - I'm not paying $8 for your used Carter's sleeper when I can by $7 for a brand new one at the outlet store. There was not a bathroom in sight. It was raining outside and about one million degrees inside. I'm not kidding. There were floes of lava everywhere.

Don't get me wrong - it was fun to hang out with my friend and I got a few of necessary items. But I also came home with swollen feet and a back ache that was so painful it rivaled my back labor with Oscar. I'm talking a thousand pound anvil grinding into my sacrum. Really. I have an actually ACME logo burned into my lower back.

So, anyways, no more consignment sales for me. I'll not be lured n by their promises of high quality goods at rock bottom prices. Seriously, I'd rather stick needles in my eyes than go to another.

And if, by some chance, I forget how hot and swollen and miserable this last sale made me and talk of going to another, I'm counting on you to show up on my doorstep, needles in hand.


As a warning to my subscribers, I might be double posting a bit this week, as I've promised Nelson I'll post daily photos of Oscar. You'll have to try and survive the onslaught of cuteness.


steenky bee said...

I will bear down and try to make it through all those pictures of cuteness. I'm looking forward to them! Are you having a boy or girl? You're life's sure to be busy from now on. Better double post while you can.

Susanica said...

Wow. ACME huh? Ouch! You know we'll be happy to lend you anything we haven't already lent out to others right? -Monica

justjane said...

Jenni, i have SO much stuff too, so when the baby is born and Properly Sized, I can bring some over. Don't buy ANYTHING!!! Our house is exploding with infant stuff.

diana said...

Those consignment places do take your soul...I'm with ya sista! What you describe is also why I NEVER shop the days after thanksgiving or Xmas..or one of those bridal trunk shows....this is when I believe what they say about "time is money" the little amount that you save is just not worth my time, not only because I hate getting in the "race", but I also hate to see other people get nasty about saving a few bucks.

btw, I loved your lazy family edition. Great perspective. - very funny! Hang in there, you're in the home stretch! Take care! Diana

Anonymous said...

I mis-read the first line of your second paragraph - I thought you were expecting your next child sometime in the next couple of years - long pregnancy!

We have something similar here (UK) called nearly new sales - I'm never going to one again and admire your bravery in doing it pregnant! Hope your back's recovered.