Monday, September 29, 2008

Da-Dee, Someone Misses You!

Hola, Papi! Yo soy Oscar! Como esta? Yo soy bueno. I bet you didn't know I spoke Spanish. Well, I do. If you and Mom brushed up your own Espanol skills you'd know that.

Anyways, Mom tells me you're in Spain all week. I'm not sure where that is, but she said it means you'll be even later than usual. Like six days late. That's really, really late, Daddy.

I just wanted to let you know that I'm making good and sure that Mom really misses you while you are gone. You won't even believe what I pulled today!

So, this morning, I was all "Yawn, I'm sooooo tired! Let me pull this throw pillow from the couch onto the floor and lay down on it and suck my thumb." So Mom put me down in my crib and I laid there quietly for like 15 minutes, you know, long enough to let her fall asleep herself. Then, I started screaming like a banshee, all "I am soooo not tired at all! Why the heck am I in here? This SUCKS! Get me out NOW!" And Mom came and got me. It was awesome.

Then, I took it easy on the old gal for the rest of the afternoon. Until I woke up an hour early from my afternoon nap. Whoa Nelly did I let her have it. Daddy, I turned the whine on in force. I whined CONSTANTLY from 4:30 until 7:00, unless I had food in my mouth. It was so cool.

Poor Mom. She's doing dishes and laundry right now and has no idea I'm even writing this. She thinks I'm fast asleep. Sucka!

But seriously though, I'm really not trying to give her a hard time, it's just that I miss you so much and I hate that my routine has been disrupted. I'll make a deal with you - you bring me back a super cool authentic Spanish toy, and I'll ease up on Mom, okay?

Miss and love you,



Mike said...

This post was SOOO cute. I rarely tell my wife about what happens when she is gone because it just depresses her about what she has missed, but I do wish I could let her know the stuff that has happened as when the other parent is gone as you wrote it!

Anonymous said...

Aww... I hope the dad knows that he's missed! :)

Susanica said...

Oh Oscar! Give mom a break, okay buddy? You're getting sleepy, very sleepy...

steenky bee said...

So adorable. This blog is bilingual? Tango un gato en mi pantalones. That's I have a cat in my pants. I'm sure I spelled it all wrong, but trust me, it came from a very real and sincere place.

LiteralDan said...

Wow, I'm often late, but six days? That's gotta be a record. Though not if you count Odysseus, I suppose.

I'm hoping he gets a maraca, because I', thinking it would be much appreciated.

Unknown said...

it's all fine and good that oscar doesn't know where spain is. but it would be better if mccain did!

Anonymous said...

Hey Oscar, not cool doing the "I'm sleepy... FAKE OUT" on your mom. So not cool. But nice going on the spanish. Very impressive. ;)

Anonymous said...

Aww, he's such a cutie. I'm new to your blog (came from Xbox) and this is the first pic I've seen.

Oscar - you need to give your poor mummy some rest. Otherwise she'll tell daddy what's been going on and there'll be trouble in your little world!