Monday, September 15, 2008

From "Nononono" to "No thank you mother, I would not like another grape."

So, remember a few weeks ago when I was all, "My baby doesn't talk enough and is loosing words and OHMYGOD something is wrong with him?" Yeah, well, I was wrong. W-R-O-N-G. The kids is a g.d blabbermouth.

It started happening on vacation. And to be honest, I'm not even the one who noticed. My sister's step-daughter Skye, who was a teacher and has two toddlers of her own, is the one who pointed it out.

We were playing and Oscar ran toward me, "Got you!" he yelled as he collided into my chest. "What?" I said. "He said 'Got you.' It was pretty clear," Skye said. I was pretty shocked.

And then, there's the babbling, "Goo dala bloo leedle leedle do doo pfft DOG," he said. "That was a really long sentence about a dog," Sky pointed out.

And Oscar does that all the time. "Doola gong leddle dleed leedle bloop DADA tee tee tee MAMA." Little baby sentences.

Then, also while on vacation, he peered around the TV and said, "I see. I see." His first two word phrase!

After we got home, he started reaching for things and asking, "I see? I see?"

And last week, while we were having pre-bedtime cuddle, looked at Nelson and I and said, "Poop." And while we were reading one of his favorite books, he said "dinosaur" three times. Well, he actually said "dyasore" but he was trying to say "dinosaur." It was awesome.

Yesterday, when he was looking at a picture of some cats, he pointed to it and said, "I see it," just as clear as day. That's THREE WORDS! A three word sentence. Even I know that's advanced talking for a 15-month-old.

He also started saying, "What that?" when he points at things instead of just "Dat?" He did it twice yesterday.

It's totally bizarre to hear real words, not just sounds coming out of his mouth. I almost can't believe it. I just can't believe he's talking. Like a kid. Not just words, but phrases and sentences. He's understanding language.

So, he's normal. I feel pretty confident in his language development at this point. I'm not saying he brilliant, but he's where he should be.

Who am I kidding here? He's a freaking genius.


Mike said...

That is SO fun. I remember when my nephew started talking it was so cool...until he started saying "Shut up!" like a mantra!

Anonymous said...

Dog.... I got you....I see.... Oh yah, he's a brilliant kid! And I love your picture. I love babies butt's! LOL.

Stimey said...

That totally happened with my oldest. He actually was speech delayed, but one day he started talking and, I swear, he hasn't shut up since.

Anonymous said...

wowza. i'm impressed! good job oscar!