Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Husband Thinks He's Funny. I Beg to Differ.

Friday evening, during the five hour drive home from vacation:

Nelson: Um, is that a giant Batman decal covering the the rear windshield of that beat up old Camero?

Jenni: Yep. He's slow. Pass him.

Nelson: What, did he just get off of exit nineteen eighty nine?

Jenni: Pass him.

Nelson: Get it? Nineteen eighty nine? 1989?

Jenni: I get it. Pass him.

Nelson: Come on, that was funny!

Jenni: Pass him.


Martin said...

No Nelson. No.

Anonymous said...

sorry, i gotta side with Nelson here, that's a good one. Just as good as the time when you told him the 80s called to get their loafers back. -anie

Jenni said...

No, my joke WAS funny, because what happend was Nelson called ME and asked where he could buy a pair of penny loafers (this was like three or four years ago.) And I told him, "Um, 1985?"

That's comic genius!

Ami said...

I miss hanging out with you and Nelson...I can just hear the two of you having this conversation and it's making me laugh