Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Natural

There are so many amazing things about babies, toddlers, children. Watching them grow and learn and figure things out is really one of the best parts of parenthood in my opinion.

I love watching Oscar struggle with a problem until he can find a solution. I love it when he looks at me with pride, for my approval. Like the first time he walked. He was so proud of himself and so excited that I was proud of him as well.

But what amazes me even more than Oscars ability to learn, the way he absorbs things like a sponge, is his innate intimacy and sweetness. You don't find this in every kid, but it is certainly present in Oscar.

From birth, Oscar was a snuggler. If Oscar was in your arms he was trying to burrow in, to get closer, to find the spot between your chin and chest or your shoulder and neck and lodge himself there. If he was in the bed between Nelson and I, you can bet he was scooting himself into the tight crook of someones arm, getting so close he'd be almost underneath us. If he was sitting beside someone on the couch, chances are good he was stroking and arm, or resting his head there.

My pediatrician called him a tactile baby - he just loved to be touched. And he still does. Even now, if someone is sitting on the floor playing with him, he'll toddle over and plant him self in that person's lap, like he belongs there. He will bring you toy after toy, sharing all he has.

When he's sleepy or just waking up, nothing makes him happier than cozying up to me on the couch where he'll play quietly with a toy or flip through a book.

And, oh, the kisses this kid gives. One minute he's zipping around like Flash Gordon and the next, he's planting a wet one on you seemingly out of nowhere. It's so touching, like he just all of a sudden thinks, "Hey, I love my mom. Let me kiss her real quick."

Talking about his kisses make me think of his hugs, his sweet, sweet hugs, where he latches on with is whole body, arms around the neck, head on the shoulder. One hug from this kid and you never want to let him go.

Yes, he's a devil. He's a naughty little thing, always making mischief and peering over his should at me with a sly grin, making sure I see what trouble he's up to. But, the truth is, the second I see that mischievous smile, I'm toast. He's got me and he knows it.

I hope this kind of intimacy always comes easy to him, that he always loves freely and doesn't hold back. And while I know that at 15 he probably won't shower me with kisses and be content to cuddle me on the couch, I know I'll still be looking for traces of my sweet, snuggly little boy.


Anonymous said...

My son is very similar, very affectionate and sweet, and also mischievious. I have had the same thoughts about him, hoping that he is always so secure and friendly, and that he always has confidence in himself the way he does now. I guess we can just enjoy them now and do the best to keep them that way.

steenky bee said...

I just love listening to or reading about a parent's genuine love for their child. This was beautiful.