Friday, September 26, 2008

Phobia Friday: The Lazy Family Edition

So, I'm not the only one in my home with weird phobias. Here are a few that other members of my household live with.

The dreaded toilet paper roll replacement. For some reason, fear of replacing this roll runs so deep in my home, no one is able to install a new roll, other than me. Place the and new roll on the back of the toilet or on top of the expired roll? Not a problem. Actually throwing out the expired roll and replacing it with a new one? Terrifying.

Rinsing of rabid recycling. For some reason, empty cans and bottles and jars line themselves up beside the sink, never being rinsed or transferred to the plastic bag I keep available for depositing these items.

Placing dirty dishes directly into the very spooky dishwasher. Maybe folks around here are superstitious and just think that all dishes much sit in the sink for a certain amount of time before going into the dishwasher? Who knows. But I do know if I didn't load them, they'd still be in there. FOREVER.

Unloading the very spooky dishwasher. Again, it could stay full...FOREVER!!

Putting garbage into the human-consuming trashcan. Trash, as in crumpled up receipts, DVD plastic, paper bags, plastic bags, used tissues. These items litter my home, on counter tops and table tops, sometimes falling to the floor. I suppose if you have a trashcan of the human consuming variety, it's pretty scary to place items into it for fear of losing a limb.

Vacuuming the horrifying hardwood floors. I'm actually kind of wondering if the animal fur balls don't come to life at night and threaten to smother all who would vacuum them. Except me, of course.

I am actually not afraid of any of these things. In fact, I do them on a daily basis. I'm just that heroic and that brave. Or is everyone else just that lazy?


steenky bee said...

I am scream laughing at this. I am totally going to rip off your line about being afraid of doing chores but overcoming your fears and being brave to complete them anyway. I'm only going to tell my husbad that and I'll give you total credit.

I stopped by because I think you leave the best comments on BHJ and I must admit I think your picture is nails. I love the waving hand. I'm glad I stopped here. You are funn-ee.

steenky bee said...

HE HAS A TAIL?! I need to stop what I'm doing right this very minunte (child rearing) and de-laminate my list, rip it up, then burn it and re-evaluate it. How did I not see this before. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Those kids of mine will just have to feed themselves. I need to see that tail. Now, I'm oddly intrigued.

You are so funny. I have to go back and read your older stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, I think somebody else I know has these phobias . . . along with taking the trash out. What are the odds?

steenky bee said...

You've been awarded. What a whirlwind relationship we're having! Check it at my place.