Monday, September 8, 2008

Reason #2 Why Pregnancy is Awesome

Sometimes, pregnancy is awesome. And I don't just mean because of the whole baby-at-the-end thing (which is the #1 most awesome thing about pregnancy, for sure.) Since I do a good bit of complaining about pregnancy on this blog, I figured I should also talk about it's better points, particularly as I'm entering the home stretch, a.k.a the third trimester, a.k.a the worst, most painful part of pregnancy. So, lots of complaining to come, people.

Anyways, I was reading a post by fellow DC area blogger Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah the other day about her awful, bloody, itchy mosquito bites and it occurred to me that I've gotten not-a-one this year. Not one mosquito bite.

Granted, I haven't been camping or kayaking or anything (which we usually do in the summer) because of the pregnancy, but I have been out in the yard a good deal, picking veggies from our garden, or fixing dinner on the grill, or taking the boys to the park that's located beside one of the DC area's scenic rivers (heh) in a fairly woodsy park.

In fact, my husband, brother, and brother's girlfriend have been complaining of mosquitoes all year. They won't even set foot out the door, to grill for example, without dousing themselves with Off. And I can even see the swarms of bugs as I walk through them unscathed.

And, I haven't been using any Off. Deet + Pregnancy = Sketchy, in my book anyways. It seems my pregnancy pheromones or hormones or whatever are completely unappealing to mosquitoes. And, that's awesome.


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

That ALMOST make me wish I was pregnant.

Maybe we could get some scientists together and have them look in to the pheromone thing.

Anonymous said...

Mosquitoes generally ignore me anyway, so I can't say anything about being pregnant! And it isn't the right season for them here either. Which is great, because I would hate to take the chance that pregnancy would make me tastier for them!