Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Happier Day

He is still sick. Fever and a rash all over his little body. Screaming and crying at a volume you cannot even fathom. The terribly condescending doctor we had to see today (she was the one conducting the sick visits) says it is likely a reaction from his last vaccination. Ooooh, want to tell you about her so bad, but I've only got a minute and I'd rather post this cute photo. Hoping tomorrow is a better day.


Anonymous said...

That is suck a cute pumpkin action shot! We haven't headed to the pumpkin patch yet, maybe this weekend.
Sorry Oscar is still sick, the fever AND rash sound like a terrible combination. Keep in mind the yelling will subside and the sweet kid will come back in a few days, that's what got me through my kid's month long ear infection. Sorry about the ahole doctor, I swear I think it's a job requirement for them to make you feel like crap.

steenky bee said...

Ah. This is much better. Sorry little O is sick. He'll get through it though. Stop reading my trivial comment and go rest. :) I'll stalk you tomorrow!