Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Red Ties are Soooo Last Season

Remember five minutes ago when I was all wordless for Wednesdays? Well, scratch that.

I have a confession. And embarrassing and shameful and tawdry confession. Are you ready?

*Deep breath*

I will NOT be watching the presidential debate this evening.

I'm not skipping it because I'm politically apathetic (I'm just the opposite); I'm not skipping it because I already know who I'm voting for (although I do); I'm not even skipping it because it is guaranteed to be boring as hell (and it certainly will be.)

No, I'm skipping tonight's presidential debate, the last debate in the most important election of my lifetime thus far, I'm skipping it because I absolutely cannot miss the season finale of Project Runway.

I mean, it's Fashion Week! The entire collections of the three top designers, Kenley, Korto, and LeAnn, will be revealed! Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum and Micheal Kors and Nina Garcia will all be there, not to mention all kinds of celebrities in the audience. I've waited all season for this moment. I simply cannot miss it now.

I know that these debates are scheduled like a year in advance, and the Commission on Presidential Debates could have had no way of knowing when the season finale of Project Runway would air. And lets be honest here. Which program is going to be more exciting? The one with cutting edge fashion, nasty attitudes, and loads of celebrities, or the one with two guys in suits repeating themselves over and over?

I mean, the candidates aren't going to say anything different tonight, right? Obama will be all like, "He's just like George Bush!" and McCain will be all like, "You can't trust that whippersnapper!" So they are sitting at a table facing each other this time. Big whoop. Nothing either one of them will say is going to change my mind at this point, so I might as well watch something with a little suspense, a little excitement, a little style, right?



Anonymous said...


Casey said...

Ha! Fashion trumps politics. I know who I'm voting for too (the non-idiotic candidate) but I'm going to keep it on in the background in case it gets ugly....

Anonymous said...

Listen, this is why you need to be on the west coast. You don't have to choose because they're on at different times.

moo said...

I'm skipping it because politics makes me want to stab pencils in my eyes.

I'm so thankful, however, that the debate will NOT pre-empt PR. I would curl into a ball and cry otherwise.

Anonymous said...

We could start a club!

steenky bee said...

Oh my. At first I was all, WTF is she thinking? This is SOOO going to be the best debate. BTW, it totally is. I'm watching it now. McCain got his feelings hurt.

But back to you, I read further and realized what you were missing the debate for, I totally support you whole heartedly. You go girl. Two, no three snaps for fashion.

Kate said...

I've gotten so I'm so tired of politics I could scream. And let's face it--in our group of friends that's saying something.

I didn't watch tonight for more or less the same reason--obviously I'm not going to change who I'm voting for, and I'd rather take 20 minutes tomorrow and read about the debate in the Post than waste an hour and a half of my life on listening to John McCain dodge questions.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA. I just read this immediately after watching the debates on my dvr! And I still have Project Runway on my dvr--so I had to skip that paragraph.

Frankly, I don't blame you.