Sunday, October 26, 2008

Misty Watercolor Memories

Scene - Our living room, Sunday afternoon.

Action - Sorting through old coats to donate to charity.

Nelson: So, you're going to get rid of these four coats.

Jenni: Yes, I haven't worn them for years and years and years.

Nelson: Okay

Nelson begins putting coats in a large bag.

Jenni: Hey, wait! You might want to check the pockets. Those coats are from my drinking days. You might find a $20.

Nelson begins going through pockets. Finds old flyers, candy wrappers, matches. No cash.

Nelson: Why would there be money? You never had any money back then.

Jenni: Oh, right. Because I drank it.


Anonymous said...

HAHA. That's the best. Insta-cash!

Casey said...

Great story, sounds like my past. Now I'm so disorganized that I still find money in my pockets, it's great!

steenky bee said...

...."The way we were...."