Friday, January 30, 2009

Tell Me I'm Crazy

Oscar is off at a sleepover with his grandparents. Woo-hoo, right? Par-tay! Only one kid to feed and dress and bath and entertain all day long? What a sweet mini vacay.

But, not really.

Because I miss the hell out of him and I want him to come home.

I love Oscar and most times, when he's not drinking poison and mocking me, I enjoy having him around. He's fun, he's sweet, he makes me laugh. He gives me kisses and hugs several times a day. Lately, when I'm nursing the baby, he'll come up on the couch and cuddle up next to us. It breaks my freaking heart.

It's not that I'm not enjoying my alone time with Miles. It has been wonderful. He and I have taken this opportunity to nurse and nap most of the day, something infant Oscar and I spent lots to time doing, but Miles and I have rarely done. And he's been smiling up a storm. It's like a smile parade around here, even when he wakes up at 3am, he's a grinning fool.

But, you know, he's just not as INTERESTING as Oscar. And it's kinda boring around here without Oscar. I mean, my house hasn't been ransacked in two whole days. I barely know what to do with myself.

Just to be clear, it's not at all that I don't want Oscar spending time with his grandparents. I do. I think it's important that they and he get one-on-one time together, that he feels comfortable with them, and that he has a chance to have the spotlight all to himself. Really important stuff.

So, am I totally nuts? Is it completely insane that instead of being grateful that my in-laws have taken Oscar all I want is for him to come home? Give it to me straight. I can take it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

The One Where I Called Poison Control

Holy shit, you guys. Hooooleeee sheeeeet.

And the day started off so well. I got up early to have coffee and read blogs unencumbered by toddler and infant, but they both got up early too. They loves me.

But, that was fine. Lots of nursing and playing and breakfasting. On to napping and nursing and then lunch and ransacking the house. But the tears were few and far between, so ransack away, I say.

Miles spit up in the most epic way. EPIC. It was seriously about three or four ounces - a whole feeding. It covered and soaked through my sweater, my jeans, Miles' outfit and onesie, and left a softball sized stain on my couch. We both needed a full change of clothes.

But he was cooing and grinning away and Oscar was being a prince so even though I reeked of my own curdled bodily fluids I was okay with that. Puke away, little man, just keep on grinning.

I was making dinner so that it would be ready when Nelson got home. I had Miles in the carrier and Oscar tooling around, playing with measuring cups and baking pans and laughing and yelling, "Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah! HAHAHAHAHA!" (Yeah is his new word - he's actually responding in the affirmative these days!)

So, the (frozen) enchiladas are in the oven, the (frozen) rice is on the stove and I'm feeling good. The baby is stinky, so I take him in the living room for a change. Oscar is tooling around. Somewhere in the middle of the diaper change, it gets quite. Parents, you know this quite. Scary quiet.

Oscar comes toddling in. He's holding the Windex, smiling his ass off. He spraying the Windex onto his sweater, up by his shoulder. Shit. I left the pantry open. I take away the Windex with one hand while diapering Miles with the other. "That's a 'no' Oscar. No cleaning products."

Then, I notice his face, his mouth, is wet.

I swipe my hand over his lips and smell it - Windex. I abandon the diaper change and grab Oscar and pin him down on the couch to examine his face in the light. It was clear he'd sprayed Windex into his mouth. He starts coughing. He ingested Windex. Windex.

I put him down and grab Miles and begin searching for the phone.

"Where the f--- is the phone?" I'm yelling, and I find it and Oscar is GONE.

I run into the kitchen, where the number for Poison Control is on the fridge and there's Oscar, in the pantry, trying to find another tasty treat.

"What are you doing? Get the HELL out of there! I have to call poison control so you don't DIE" and I'm dragging him out and he bolts, laughing hysterically with the Endust in his hands.

I wrestle away the Endust and call Poison Control. And Miles is screaming in my ear because he's cold and the timer is going off and the rice is starting to burn and Oscar is running around like an insane person literally pounding a spoon on a pan and screaming, "YEAH! Yeah, yeah, yeah! HAHAHAHA!"

The, the most soft spoken person in the world answers the phone and I'm screaming (just to be heard over the din in my home), "My kid sprayed Windex in his mouth and I don't know how much! I was just changing the baby and I forgot to lock the cabinet!"

She's asks how old he is, and is it regular Windex (it is.)

"It's fine. Windex is mostly water. It tastes a little vinegary and has a little ammonia in it, but just give him plenty of juice and water and he'll be fine," and she's so calm I'm actually convinced that Oscar will not die because of my negligence.

She asked if I think it's in his eyes and I say no. She's asks how he's doing and I tell her he's laughing and playing and she says that's good! She says her name and tells me someone will call tomorrow to check on how Oscar is doing. She tells me someone is there 24/7 if I ever need them.

I hang up and sob with relief.

things i forgot

a list of things i forgot about having a newborn for anna's listless mondays (see button in sidebar.) blatantly ripping this topic off from veronica. also, typing with one hand so you should expect either all or no caps and even shoddier spelling and punctuation than usual.

  1. the smell and feel of spit up
  2. the softness of baby heads
  3. the stickiness of breast milk
  4. the tired
  5. terrible newborn skin
  6. lovely baby breath
  7. twice weekly showers
  8. the thirst
  9. the sex, or lack thereof
  10. nap and nurse (but only on the weekends this time around)
  11. sleepy giggles
  12. first smiles
  13. 2am feedings
  14. 3am feedings
  15. 4am feedings
  16. the snuggling, oh the snuggling

Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's Hard

It's infinitely easier the second time. Having a baby, I mean. Okay, maybe not the actual "having" part, but certainly all the rest - the constant feedings, the numerous changings, the endless sleepless nights.

Or so I thought.

It took a few weeks for the sleep deprivation to set in, but it finally has. Yes, Miles regularly does four to five hours in a row at night. But he also regularly wakes every one and a half to two hours at night.

Yeah, he's finally stopped pooping 15 times a day, but now the poop is much more likely to creep up the back of his diapers requiring a full outfit change.

And the nursing. It is going great, really. He has a great latch, except at night when we are both exhausted and he just can't seem to find the sweet spot. And my supply is abundant. In fact, it is over abundant. If I'm nursing on one breast I'm leaking hopelessly from the other, leaving me covered in sticky breast milk and smelling sour by the end of the day.

My Oscar is sweet, but so needy right now and he needs so much more than I have to give. He gets frustrated with me when I can't play blocks while I'm breastfeeding, or read him a book while I'm changing a diaper, or chase him around while I'm holding Miles. He does not want to take naps; he wants every moment with me. The urgency of his need is overwhelming me and making me feel like I'm a failure.

I'm just so tired. Even the nights when I get a good five hours I'm still exhausted. I try to close my eyes, but the second I do, someone is crying, someone is calling me, someone is hungry, someone is lonely, someone needs a hug, someone needs a diaper.

It's hard.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The One Where I'm Totally Vain

My skin has been dry recently. Really, REALLY dry. It happens every winter.

So, no biggie, right? Well, when I'm pregnant, my skin is totally awful for like four months - oily (the pregnant "glow"), lots of breakouts; but the last six months my skin is pretty much flawless. My awesome skin is one of my favorite parts about being pregnant. Like, my skin is so good, I just wash it with water while I'm pregnant, and nothing else. I don't even need to moisturize, other than some SPF 15. It totally rules.

But then I go and have the baby and my skin gets all dry/combination oily on me. And that's really fine because that's been my skin my whole life and I know how to deal with it. I'm running low on my moisturizer and I need to order more so I'm pounding the bottle to get every last drop out and not using as much as usual. This is a pain but on the upside I get a few extra moments to myself in the bathroom.

I was putting on my lotion last night and I noticed something. Something awful. Something nearly unspeakable. I noticed that I. have. wrinkles. On my forehead to be exact.

This may not sound like a big deal to you, but it is to me. These are my FIRST wrinkles. I'm only 30, okay? I'm no more ready for wrinkles than I am for the four stray gray hairs I keep plucking from my head.

And yet, there they are. Wrinkles. I'm well on my way to being an old lady.

So, what is one to do about wrinkles? I think I must need some new skin care products, but which ones? There's a whole world of anti-aging products aimed at vain women like me who want to thwart mother nature's attempts mark my body with the signs of passing time.

Product recommendations? Pity? Commiseration? I'm accepting all three.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Birth Story - Miles William, Part Three

Part One and Part Two

So, there I was, contractions 7 minutes apart. At this point I they were pretty painful, but I was managing them by myself. Now, I had called my birth team and let them know my contractions had gotten closer, but I didn't think I'd really be calling them to the house until the morning.

We headed for bed around 10, but the contractions were too painful and frequent to sleep. They were about 5 to 7 minutes apart, and getting more painful. I began contemplating calling the midwife on call, but decided to wait.

Shortly before midnight, I had a very painful contraction. I was sitting on the side of my bed breathing through it when all of a sudden, "BAM!" I felt a huge increase in pressure, not quite like I had to push, but almost. This made Nelson nervous, but I was still pretty certain we were no where near baby. I hadn't even had any bloody show yet, or lost my mucous plug and my water had not broken. By my guess I was still in pre-labor. However, because of the increased pressure, I decided to call the midwives.

I spoke with Alice, and I was uncertain what I wanted to do. My main concern was that I was going to have a third night of painful contractions and little to no sleep, and because I felt like I'd be having the baby the following day, I was worried. I was afraid that another sleepless night would compromise my labor and my ability to push.

Alice asked I wanted her to come, and I didn't know. I was really worried about having the birth team come out to find I was still in pre-labor. Then she told me she wouldn't be able to sleep thinking about me not sleeping, and suggested that she and Lisa (a midwife new to the practice that was attending births under Alice's supervision) come out and we could at least discuss some solutions to help me sleep. I agreed and she said they'd be there in an hour.

Alice arrived at 1AM and by that time my contractions were increasing significantly in intensity and were three minutes apart. I still hadn't had any bloody show and was still pretty certain I was not in active labor. I was having one very intense contraction, followed by a more mild contraction, and they were about 45 to 60 seconds apart.

Lisa arrived about 15 minutes later and wanted to check my progress. Because I am group strep B positive, it was important that they know if I was in active labor so they could give me antibiotics prior to my delivery.

I was really nervous about being checked. When I was laboring with Oscar, they check me after 12 hours and I was only 1cm dilated, and I didn't think I could bear Lisa telling me I was only 1cm after two and a half days of contractions.

So, I sucked it up and she checked me. I was 3cm and the head was fully engaged! That was why I was feeling so much pressure.

"Your are going to be having this baby very soon," she said to me.

We were elated.

Nelson and I began working on the contractions together. We paced, I swayed on the ball, and I leaned against the wall. When all of that stopped working, I would lean my back against Nelson and wrap my arms around his neck and we would sway together. We were also vocalizing together, low "ooooo" sounds, and this what really helped me cope with the pain, which was very intense at this point. My contractions were three to four minutes apart and around 45 to 60 seconds long. I just focused on the sound of Nelson's voice. As long as I could hear him, I could get through my contractions. I focused on him instead of the pain. It was very effective.

Lisa asked to check me again around 2:30 or 3:00AM. I was 7cm! My labor was moving at lighting speed and I was already moving into transition, the most painful, but also the quickest part of labor. I was pretty worried about my pain increasing, but Lisa told me that this was it, they wouldn't get significantly more painful, just closer together. I was relieved.

"I am so proud of my body and this baby," I said, "this is my dream labor," I told Lisa.

"You should be proud," Lisa said, "You guy are doing wonderfully. This is a really beautiful labor."

Or so we though.

I needed some new pain coping strategies so I began kneeling on the bed with my head/torso on the birth ball and Nelson rubbing my back. This was my favorite laboring position. I was feeling the urge to push, so I tried and nothing. She check me again and I was 8.5cm dilated. We discussed breaking my waters, since they were bulging and causing me discomfort. I wanted to wait.

After two more contractions, I decided to let her break my waters.

"You could have the baby right after I break your waters, " she warned.

Well, I didn't. Nothing happened. Just a lot of water. And my bloody show, finally!

At this point I stated getting worried. When was this baby coming? I'd been in transition for more than an hour what was the deal? I was also having trouble coping with the pain. Nothing was helping.

Lisa suggested the shower, so I stayed in there for a half an hour or so, until Lisa wanted to check me again. My contractions were four minutes apart, very painful, and about 60 seconds long.

I was 9cm dilated, and a lip. That fucking lip. I remembered that lip from Oscar. I had less than once centimeter to go. The only thing standing between me and my baby was that lip.

She tried to move it so I could push, but it didn't work. It became even more swollen. And I was becoming frustrated.

Lisa suggested I lied down but I refused. The contractions were unbearable when I lied down. So, I got in the tub.

At this point, I was completely exhausted. My third night with no sleep was taking it's toll. I was tired I was tired of transition, I was tired of begin told the baby would be here soon. The tub helped, though. I was sleeping between contractions, but they were getting longer and more painful because I was tired. I just wanted to sleep.

It was around 6am at this point, and they got me out of the tub to try and push again. She held the lip so I could push the baby past, but it kept slipping. It became swollen again. Still no baby.

I had had it. I was done, and I told them so.

"I"m not having this baby. I need to go to the hospital. He's not coming, not anytime soon, and I can't take it. I'm too tired, I can't do this, I'm exhausted. It's time to go."

They all worked to talk me off the ledge, Lisa, our birth assistant Liz, Nelson. They knew I really didn't want to go to the hospital, that I was just exhausted and disheartened, but I was belligerent.

It was Liz who finally broke through. "If we go to the hospital, you'll have to drive there and be admitted and hooked up to IVs and it will be at least an hour before they even get an epidural in, and probably another hour before you have the baby. If you stay here, you will have this baby in less than an hour," she said.

And as tired and angry as I was, this made sense. I did not want labor in the car, I did not want an epidural. I was just so tired.

"I need to sleep! I at least need to sleep!" I had had some sleeping medication with Oscar. Lisa suggested maybe we could go to the birth center and I could have some Nubain and sleep for a while.

Except that when she checked with Alice, it seemed I could not do this. They won't let you take Nubain unless you are at least four hours from birth. I was less than an hour away, and while they all knew this, I was less certain.

Alice came upstairs.

"You need to lie down," she said.

"NO! IT HURTS TOO BAD WHEN I LIE DOWN!" Yes, I was yelling, and I'm not proud of it.

"You need to lie down, and we are all going to help you, Nelson, Lisa, Liz, and I. We are going to help you melt away that lip on your cervix. If you just lie here for three or four contractions, it will be nearly gone. You can do this," she said.

I relented.

I lied down on the bed with Nelson and Alice up at my head and Liz and Lisa down by my legs. They were massaging me and vocalizing with me through the four most painful contractions of my life.

Then, I really lost my shit.

The last contraction was awful, just awful. I felt like I was splitting it two.


"Lie down, Jenni, let Lisa check you," Alice said.

And I did.

"The lip is still there, but it's much, much smaller," Lisa said.

I was devastated. It was still there. That fucking lip. I started to cry.

"Lisa's going to hold the lip back and you're going to push," Alice said.

"NO! I've done that twice already and it didn't work. I don't want to do it again," I said.

"Just one push. Just try one push," Alice encouraged me.

And so I did.

Lisa pushed aside the lip and I pushed like I have never pushed in my life. I pushed and I pushed and I pushed.

And the baby crowed. In that one, first push. The held a mirror so I could see, and sure enough, his head was right there.

My next contraction I pushed again and out came his head. And then I felt it.

The ring of fire.

"OH MY GOD! What is that? It feels AWFUL!" I said.

"That's the ring of fire, Jenni. You remember that from Oscar," Alice said.

"I did not have that with Oscar," I said.

In my next contraction, I pushed out his shoulders.

"That is not a small baby!" Alice said.

"No kidding, " I said. I was also majorly moaning and vocalizing because ohmygodthepain.

In my fourth and final contraction, the baby's torso spontaneously delivered and it was the weirdest sensation. I almost forgot to push. Until Alice yelled, "PUSH JENNI, PUSH!"

And in that final push, Miles was here.

"Is he out? Is he here?" I asked

They put him on my chest in all his gooey glory.

Nelson cried. I was too exhausted.

"I can't believe you're here," I said. And I kissed him.


In all, I was in pre-labor for two days and active labor for just under 12 hours. I was in transition for about four hours. I pushed Miles out in just four pushes in 13 minutes. His cord was wrapped once around his neck and once around his torso. Miles had some bruising from his speedy arrival, including a bruise in his right eye and I had a first degree tear.

This labor was by far harder, more intense, and more painful than my first, but I am happy with it and I think it happened just as it should have.

I read somewhere once that women are starved to tell their birth stories, and I find this to be true. Anytime I've ever asked any woman her birth story, she tells all with great glory, even if the birth was hard, or not as planned. So, I'm going to take page from Anymommy's book and invite all of you moms and dads to share your birth and/or adoption stories with me, either in the comments section, or you can write a post and link to it in my comments, or if you've already written it (them) please provide links. I love birth and adoption stories, and since you've shared in mine, I'd love to share in yours.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Birth Story - Miles William, Part Two

Click here for Part One.

The C-Section was off, yahoo! I was thrilled, absolutely thrilled. I was so proud of my baby for turning around at the last second, for deciding to come out the old fashioned way. But I was also more than a little worried. If he turned once, he could turn again and I did not want that to happen.

I went in to my midwives office that afternoon for a stretch and sweep and to pick up some Castor oil. With a stretch and sweep what happens is they stretch your cervix out and use their fingers to detach the membranes (waters) from the uterus. Sometimes this can start labor. Unfortunately, I was less than 1cm dilated so she couldn't do it. But, I was given the go ahead to try Castor oil in the morning.

Bright and early the next morning, December 12, I took 2 ounces of Castor oil with some orange juice. For those that don't know, Castor oil is a laxative and 2 ounces is about four or five times the proper dose. The idea is that when your bowls start to cramp and empty, it causes your uterus to begin to contract.

Well it didn't work. At all. I was expecting explosive diarrhea and didn't even get much of that. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Still pregnant. Still waiting.

It was decided that I should give my bowels a rest and take the following day, a Saturday, off. We did family stuff, went out to breakfast, shopped. No labor, no contractions, no nothing.

That evening, around Oscar's bath time, I felt something. A contraction! A REAL contraction, a pailful one, one that lasted 90 seconds. And then I felt another, but not until 12 minutes later. Then, they spaced out, about 25 minutes apart. And they stayed that way. All. Night. Long. I got almost no sleep.

The next day, I thought my water broke, so I called the midwives. I was continuing to have contractions anywhere from 7 to 25 minutes apart. They were long. And painful. I tried walking, I went to the mall. Nothing. We went to the midwives office that night to see if my water had actually broke and, nope. No breaking. Just peeing my pants. Lovely.

That night was another tough one with contractions 25 minutes apart and very little sleep. The next morning, a Monday, I took Castor oil again. And again, NOTHING. Well, not nothing. Some loose stools, but it did not ramp up my labor.

Nelson and I decided to to yard work. I raked leaves for about an hour, through contractions. They were getting closer, about 12 minutes apart, but I was still pretty disappointed that things weren't progressing any faster.

Around 7pm that night, after two days of pre-labor, my contractions started getting even closer, about 7 minutes apart and they stayed that way for a couple of hours. I called the midwives (who I'd been in close contact with) and my birth assistant and let them know - I was in labor. It was finally happening. This baby was coming, I just had no idea how soon.

To be continued...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Birth Story - Miles William, Part One

Miles William
Born December 16, 2008
8lbs 12ozs
22 3/4 inches

Miles' birth story starts several weeks before he was born, when I was 37w 5d and feeling some funny pressure on my cervix. We had an ultrasound that day and the baby was confirmed to be in the footling breech position.

The next day, we went to see a specialist, Dr. Magic hands, to see if he could attempt and external version. Due to the baby's single fooling presentation he could not. He sent us home and told us to return in a week in a half.

In that week and a half, I went to the chiropractor three times, acupuncturist once, and was doing moxibustion and breech tilt exercises every night. It was all to no avail as he was still breech on Monday, December 1. Dr. Magic Hands sent me home for another week because by his estimation, "This baby not coming for another two weeks."

At this point, I gave in. I decided that I just needed to trust my body and my baby to do what they were going to do, and if this baby was breech it was that way for a reason. I decided to just accept it. So, no more chiropractor, no more moxibustion, no more exercises. I just relaxed.

When we returned on Monday, December 8, I was 40w 2d pregnant. The baby was still presenting breech so we scheduled my C-Section for December 11.

I did some holiday shopping, lots of laundry, and spent time with little Oscar. On December 11, at 40w 5d pregnant, we got up at 4:30am and headed into the hospital. I was nervous. "What if he's not ready?" I said to Nelson in the car. Up until this point, I'd had no real contractions or anything. I didn't want the baby born before it was ready, and I didn't think he was ready. I know I wasn't.

We were admitted, I was hooked up to an IV, wearing an embarrassing hospital gown, sitting in an uncomfortable hospital bed with a lovely view of an alley. We spoke with a few nurses and residents who would be attending the surgery. The nurse explained what would happen - I would walk to the OR and get my epidural. Once they were sure it had taken, the surgery would begin. It would take about 2o minutes to get the baby out, at which point they show it to me and then take him to the nursery while I was closed up (another 20 minutes.) Then I'd spend 2 hours in the recovery room where the baby could join if we were both doing well.

As she explained this to me, I almost cried. All I could think about was how when Oscar was born, he was put immediately on my chest. How we started breastfeeding in the first hour. How I had gotten out of bed, eaten, showered, and peed all within an hour of his birth. How this was going to be so entirely different and how much I hated that.

But I got over it. Another resident arrived. He said he would not be attending my surgery, but was wondering if he could to an ultrasound. We agreed. He asked us why we had scheduled a C-Section and I told him the baby had been presenting breech since 37 weeks.

"Really?" Dr. Lui asked, "Because this baby is DEFINITELY vertex," he said, and he flipped the ultrasound monitor around so we could see.

"See? That's a head, and that's your cervix, and that's your placenta. It's anterior, but that's fine. And here are his feet, and an arm...."

I don't really know what else he said. He left the room and the nurse literally came running in.

"The baby is vertex? WOW! Let me call Dr. Magic Hands. He'll probably send you home," she said.

Nelson and I were overjoyed.

Dr. Magic Hands arrived about 45 minutes later.

"I hear we have wonderful news!" he said.

He confirmed the baby had indeed turned. He told me I should call my midwives and go ahead with my home birth, but if that baby hadn't arrived in a weeks time, to call him and he would do a hospital induction (I'd be 42 weeks by then.)

He performed a non-stress test to make sure the baby and my placenta were doing okay and send me home.

I called the midwives and spoke with Marsha, the midwife who delivered Oscar. She was overjoyed. I scheduled an appointment to come into the office that afternoon to discuss getting my labor started.

To be continued...

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Question

So, what are you supposed to do when your toddler figures out how to pry the outlet covers out of the outlets? I'm just wondering, because it's our job, as parents, to make sure they don't do things like, say, electrocute themselves. This is why we do things like install outlet covers. For some reason, I thought these covers were fool proof. I mean, they've been making them for like 20 or 30 years or whatever, right? And if they didn't work someone would have invented something that DID work, right? So, what the crap, people? WHAT THE CRAP?

Thursday, January 8, 2009


8:00am - Oscar wakes up. Mommy dresses him, herself, puts away laundry, and the two head downstairs for breakfast.

8:45am - Oscar and Mommy enjoy cinnamon toast for breakfast. Yum!

9:00am - Miles wakes up. Mommy brings him downstairs, changes him, nurse him, while Oscar quietly "reads" books in his chair.

9:45am - Miles enjoys tummy time and plays on his mat while Mommy and Oscar play with Mega Bloks.

10:15am - Diaper changes all around!

10:30am - Mommy nurses Miles while Oscar rocks his Bunny in the swing.

11:00 - Oscar begins melting down - Mommy puts him down for his nap and proceeds to change and nurse Miles.

11:10am - Oscar begins screaming like a banshee.

11:20am - Oscar stops screaming.

11:30am - Miles is asleep! Mommy places him in his chair and beings to sort and pre-treat stained laundry.

11:35am - Miles begins crying.

11:37am - Mommy begins nursing Miles again. Simultaneously, Oscar begins screaming like a banshee. Again.

11:45am - Miles is asleep (again.) Mommy heads upstairs to comfort Oscar.

11:49am - Mommy is rocking Oscar, trying to convince him that although he does not want to nap, his bunny does. Miles begins squawking.

11:52am - Miles stops squawking. Mommy puts Oscar (and his bunny) down (again) for nap time.

11:53am - Oscar begins screaming like a banshee.

11:53 and 12 seconds - Miles begins squawking.

11:54am - Mommy's head explodes; dogs lick brain matter off the floor.

11:55am - Mommy changes Miles from head to toe (yay, baby poop!) and nurses him.

11:57am - Oscar stops screaming. Mommy nures Miles. We all fall asleep.

Repeat on Thursday.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

On Our Own

This is Day One with Nelson back at work and me home alone with the boys. I'm pleased to report that as of 9AM everyone was awake, out of bed, dressed, and fed (even me!) Though he's beginning to squeak, Miles has been lying by himself for a whole 20 minutes. That's 20 minutes that Oscar has had me all to himself, that I've had to sit in front of this blog, that I've been two handed once again.

Things are still going well, though not perfect. Oscar la Luchador grabbed poor little Miles's face and poked him in the eye yesterday and as we speak is trying to feed him peanut butter crackers but it could be worse. We are holding our own.

I've promised a birth story, and it is coming, but Miles' birth story is more than a blog post for me; it's a piece of our family history. I need some time to devote to that and this is literally the first five minutes I've had to myself all week.

More later - I'll be catching up with all of your blogs during nap time.