Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Asshole Pediatrician Strikes Again

Yesterday morning I noticed that Miles felt a little warm, so I decided to take his temperature. Rectally, of course. His temperature was 100.3 degrees. Now if Oscar's temperature was 100.3 degrees I wouldn't sweat it, but because Miles is not even two months old, I was a bit concerned so I called my pediatrician's office.

I spoke with the nurse on call and she said I should bring him in. She wasn't overly concerned, nor was I, but she though he was a bit warm and the docs should have a look see.

So, I completely rearranged my day, got someone to sit for Oscar, and took Miles in that afternoon. Now, by the time I took him in, he was no longer warm but I decided I wanted him looked at anyways, just in case.

We arrive at the appointment 30 minutes late since there were no less than three different road construction projects going on on my route to the hospital. I mean, I'm not complaining about road construction projects, particularly because my husband is a pavement engineer and his job depends on roads and their needing to be fixed, but three separate projects on the 17 mile stretch of road that takes me to my pediatrician seems a bit excessive.

Anyways, we get there and we got put into the sick pool since we missed our appointment. And guess who was seeing the sick patients yesterday. The Asshole, with a capital A.

It went like this:

In bustles the Asshole.

Asshole: So, what's going on with Miles today?

Jenni: Well, he had a little fever this morning so I called-

A: What was his fever?

J: 100.3

A: And it was 100.3 rectally?

J: Yes, rectally.

A: 100.3 is not a fever. 100.4 is a fever [She seriously said this.]

J: Okay, but I called in and-

A: If he had a fever he'd have to go to the ER. For 100.4 he'd go to the ER.

J: Okay, but-

A: But I'm not going to send you there for 100.3. 100.3 is not a fever.

J: Right, but when I called-

A: I mean, if it's 100.4 like two or three times in a row when you check it, it could be sepsis and we have to send him to the ER. But, I'm not going to put you through that for 100.3 [!!!!!]

J, speaking very quickly as not to be interrupted: Yeah, okay, but when I called the nurse she said to bring him in. I was not overly concerned, but 100.3 seemed high for someone so little, so I decided to call and she said someone should see him.

A: Well, you're right [????] 100.3 is high for someone so little. It's right on the boarder [of what? of 100.4? really?]. You were right to call.

J: Okay, well, he's not warm now but I figured I'd still bring him in so someone could just check him and make sure he was okay.

A: How's he acting?

J: Smiling, cooing, nursing, regular baby stuff.

A: Right, that's right. He looks great! He's so handsome, [to Miles] you're so handsome aren't you? Are you going to smile for me? [Miles smiles] Oh, so cute. He's fine, you can take him home.

In summary, Miles is fine, the pediatrician is still an Asshole, but she did tell me how cute Miles was so I'm letting her slide. Although, I guess since I'm blogging about her and calling her an Asshole, I'm not really letting her slide. I just like it when people tell me my baby is cute, even if they are assholes.


Casey said...

Grrr, what a waste of a day only to be made to feel like you didn't need to go in the first place. I hate asshole doctors. And Miles IS cute.

Anonymous said...

God that woman is tedious! Does she think you take your child to see interfering medical professionals for fun? Especially one that's 3 sets of road works away?! Glad he's ok. He is cute - you should be being told this at least 4 times a day!

Momma Bear said...

How condescending! What an...asshole!

You know my nurse practitioner (obgyn) was so rude for a long time. You know condescending, gruff, just generally talked down to others. I finally said something to the office staff when I called one day for an appt. and they told me I'd see her, I told them I would rather not b/c I didn't care for her that she wasn't particularly friendly. Not sure if that was the only complaint made or if they told her but she has done like a 180! She's so nice now- I have no idea what happened.

I wondered if you approached the staff and just mention that "the" doctor wasn't particularly friendly and that you hesitate to let her see your child everytime you come. I wonder if that would matter. Maybe you'd feel heard and perhaps you aren't the only one who feels that way.
Not trying to solve your problems I hope it doesn't come across that way. I just think as moms it's important that our voices are heard.

Cameron said...

Thank God that dude has a degree...did they even take Mile's temp when you were there? $100 to tell you, "He's fine, you can take him home."

Sarah's Blogtastic Adventures said...

Me ped is kind of an asshole too, but everytime I see him he asks me if I have lost weight so I keep him around for the ego boost. : )

Glad the little guy is ok!

Keely said...

lol! I hate the 'backup' doctor X has to see when his regular doc is away (or when the admin staff screw up his appointments, which happens a LOT, but that's a whole other rant). He's useless. He saw X for his 1-yr checkup and a) weighed him and b) checked to see if his testicles had descended. Then he said we could go.

Oh, um, really? You don't want to ask if he's, I don't know, WALKING YET? Or if I'VE got any questions??


moo said...

blech, I hate her for you. At least the little guy is OK!

Cathy said...

And, if you had not brought him in, and he got sicker, she would have wondered WHY you did not bring him in sooner!

Heather said...

I can think of a bunch of "other" names for you!!! I hate it when pediatricians try to down talk our worries as mommies.

jean kim said...

last winter, me and my 3 kids were struck with flu or something. (i really wouldn't know.. the dr never saw us) deliriously, all 4 of us went in and out of consciousness as we struggled with fevers ranging from 101 to 103. the dr told us something was going around and to go to the ER if we ever hit 104. seriously, 104?? i went through 2 bottles of motrin during that sickness.

Baby Bunching said...

Wow, what a bitch! I would get thee a new doctor. You have many, many, many, many more visits in your years ahead and as I have learned several times, there's NO time for a bad doctor. I have switched several times to find someone I like. It's easier than you might think.