Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Zombies and Other Anxieties


*Since I've already gone and give RTT host Keely nightmares, I figure it's only fair for me to share this site with the rest of you. It's a blog where people share their own stories of the Zombie Wars, a spin off from Max Brooks' book Word War Z. Have you read World War Z yet? You should. It's cool from a sci-fi perspective and interesting from a sociopolitical perspective. Try it. You'll like it!

*Now I have that stupid Yo Gabba Gabba! song in my head, "Try it. You'll like it!" stuck in my head. Oscar's only watched that show like four times and I think this is the only episode he's seen. Oh, and the one where they sing, "Snacky-snack, snack, snack snack! Snacky-snack, snack, SNACK! SNACK! SNACK!" This is going to be a long day.

*I've now typed the word "snack" so many times it has lost all meaning to me. I'm no longer even sure that it's a word.

*The seven-year-old girl I babysit for totally hearts the Jonas Brothers. She thinks they are dreamy. Which got me thinking, Who did I think was dreamy when I was seven? Ready for this? I'm about to totally date myself here, but I LOVED Johnny Depp (it was 21 Jump Street) and River Phoenix (Stand By Me.) Loved. And do you know what? Still do.

*I hate it when Nelson does laundry. I know, you think I'm crazy right? But, when he does it, he only ever does like half of it and then he leave the rest in the basement and doesn't tell me it's down there and needs to be washed. And it's always like all of my jeans and underwear that get left out of the washing and I have to scramble to get it done so I can, you know, not be naked. I do recognize he's trying to be helpful, but it kind of ends up creating more work for me in the long run.

*I find folding laundry cathartic.

*I find putting laundry away mind-numbingly boring.

*Miles is really starting to notice Oscar, and it is super cute. The are "talking" to each other right now and I love it.

*Oscar's lips were blue this morning so I convinced myself HE WAS DYING. Then I put a sweater on him and gave him some hot coco and his lips are back to normal. Because it was 30 degrees outside and he was just cold, NOT dying.

*Yesterday I spent all morning convincing myself that my thrush was actually some kind of cancer because while I am feeling a bit better, I'm not feeling entirely better. Still itching, burning, shooting pains, etc. but to a lesser degree. Then I realized that this is ridiculous because when you hear hoof beats it's usu sally horses, not zebras. F-ing Dr. Google.

*After a week and a half of sleeping 10-12 hours in row, Miles woke at 2am last night. I almost didn't know what to do. And he nursed his face off for like an hour. Pray god it was just a fluke.

*I've been having some anxiety issues lately. See items above re: dying toddler and cancer.

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Peggy said...

When I was around 7 my hearthrobs were Starsky & Hutch (am I dating myself here?) Every week, I would switch off which one was my husband.

Not so much into zombies, with the exception of Shaun of the Dead, one of my all time favorite movies!

Feel better!

Kelly said...

We should be BFFs. You can fold ALL the laundry, and I'll totally put it away. We'd make a great team!

GreenJello said...

You can come over and fold all my laundry. I'll let you. Really.

Cara said...

Apparently I missed out on jumping on board the zombie train?

Listening to Yo Gabba Gabba is almost as painful as that ear piercing drill at the dentist's office.

And childhood crushes? Jonathan Taylor Thomas anyone? Or mayeb Joey Lawrence. Mmmm...

Stacy Uncorked said...

I don't let my husband near the laundry - his method is just shoving everything into the washer without sorting it...he turned some shirts a lovely shade of pink in the past... ;) I'm with you - I don't mind folding clothes, it's the putting away I stall and fumble at... ;)

Happy RTT! :)

Casey said...

I hope the anxiety goes away. I had it BAD after Elliot was born and now I get it pretty bad here and there but not all the time. Dr Google definitely does not help matters.

It's bad that I knew every Yo Gabba Gabba song you typed, right? Now I've got the snacky snack snack song in my head.

I loved me some Keanu Reeves. And Kirk Cameron, YUM!

Here's hoping that Miles sleeps all night tonight.

Keely said...

I don't know that song, but now I want a snack. I think you're just out to get me.

Also, sometimes the hoofbeats are donkeys. Or goats. Maybe a warthog?

Mrsbear said...

I've actually been to the zombie site, some of the stories are actually pretty good. But you know, you've got to take the zombiness in small doses.

I hate folding laundry, but I find laying in bed and watching TV cathartic...also sleeping. ;)

Now I'll be falling asleep to snacky snack snack snack snack...oh crap you're right, it doesn't look like a word anymore. Weird.

Hope the anxiety abates, it's hard sometimes to get out of your own head.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Snack? WHy, yes, I would love one! I am the same way with folding laundry. Putting it away is a yawn, folding it while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? Totally!

Unknown said...

Sometimes I think Nelson and Rick are long lost brothers.

Anonymous said...

I fell in love with Johnny Depp when I was *cough* younger while watching 21 Jump Street and I've loved him ever since. Even when he's all "getting into character" and he looks sort of dirty and like he might smell, I STILL love him. That's true love. Or low standards.

Stimey said...

I LOVED World War Z. I had not found the Tales of the Zombie War site. I'm going over there right now to subscribe. Yay for Random Tuesday Thoughts (on Friday)!