Tuesday, July 7, 2009

RTT: More Costume Changes than Madonna

What ever would I post today were it not for the brilliance of Keely and her Random Tuesday Thoughts? Stop by her place, grab a button, and pay homage to her greatness.


*Just when the sleep training was going awesome and effortless, Miles has gone and gotten a virus complete with runny nose and fever. So there that goes.

*I think Oscar's knees are permanently skinned. It seems just when the scabs finally fall off his knees have a monumental collision with the pavement. He also has tons of scabs on the tops of his feet because I let him run around barefoot. I = Awesome Mom.

*Speaking of the scabs on the tops of Oscar's feet, he keeps poking them and saying, "I see boo-boo. Boo-boo hurt! Boo-boo hurt!" I can't seem to make him understand that the reason they hurt is because he is poking at them.

*So, I took some whole wheat hamburger buns out of the freezer for dinner and left them on the counter to thaw. We had these random fruit flies or something flying around and they somehow worked their way into the bag with the hamburger buns. So gross.

*My pantry smells like onions, leading me to believe that there is an errant onion lurking in there somewhere. Let the hunt begin.

*I'm really getting tired of Oscar dancing in the dog water.

*I put the boys in matching guitar outfits today and Oscar loved it. He was so thrilled that both he and Miles where wearing guitars. Clearly I should dress them alike more often.

*Oscar's guitar outfit didn't last long re: jumping in dog water dish.

*Get this: I just retrieved Oscar from his nap and I found him in his crib BARE ASS NAKED. Not a stitch of clothing or diaper on the boy. He's never done this before. Nelson and I have been trying to teach him how to undress himself (part of the potty training) and I guess it took. And, I think he did it before he fell asleep because his diaper was bone dry and he had pressure marks from his blankets on his body. So, he just wanted to sleep naked? Of course, he peed the crib. And I'm guessing he was lying on top of his discarded clothing because they were covered in pee as well, along with his sheet and several of his blankets. Oscar is now on outfit number three for the day. This would be why I do eight loads of laundry a week.

*Get this: we've been ant-free for a month. So long, suckas!

*Nelson has been particularly awesome lately. Not like suspiciously-bringing-me-flowers-awesome, but being-helpful-and-supportive-awesome. And funny, which is one of my favorite things about him. I mean, I annoy easily and he hasn't been annoying me like AT ALL. I'm not sure what is going on here, but I like it.

*Do you know how if you leave your wet clothes in the wash machine overnight the smell all funky and mildewed the next day? And how sometimes even washing them again doesn't fully get rid of the smell, especially if the laundry has been sitting for like two or three nights? (I = Awesome Housekeeper) Well, if you run a soak/prewash cycle with one cup of ammonia and 1/2 your usual detergent the smell will be gone. Really.


Anonymous said...

Guitar outfits? Where are the pictures?

Cara said...

Yes, pictures of the outfits!

And better your pantry to smell like onion than poop. Which mine did, for about a week. Til I realized the toy that had been sitting in there? Bear crapped in.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Your just full of random thoughts today. Sorry about the pee. It could have been worse! My puppy Skye plays in her water dish all the time so I can only put little amounts in. She loves her outside pool! It was a fun read.

Sprite's Keeper said...

I needed that advice on the wash sitting thing. Don't ask me why though.

Unknown said...

we have an issue with kids picking off scabs...wait until that lovely and bloody habit begins;)

and i lose potatoes in the pantry ALL the time...can we say eww?! that is some narsty mess to clean up.

justjane said...

leave out a glass of red wine and the fruit flies will fly in.

kel said...

Did you have those tiny little black ants?? I had those in the kitchen and they drove me nuts!

Anonymous said...

I would like a video of Oscar dancing in the dog water please.

Artsnark said...

Some entertaining random. Your laundry tip sounds, um, interesting. You haven't been peeking into my 2 day old wet laundry pile have you?

Rachel said...

My 22 month old is doing the naked thing lately, also. I was making supper last night and had told him to sit at the table and I would bring him his plate. When I got there he was sitting in his booster seat, green plastic toddler fork in hand, with no pants. I was cracking up! Then I put his diaper back on him. LOL Good to know he's not a weirdo ;)

blissfully caffeinated said...

try to get my kids to leave the house barefoot, because that's the kind of caring mom I am, and they refuse. It's like I'm raising little nazis.

Frogs in my formula said...

OMG that was all so...random! Fruit flies and dog dish dancing and mysterious onions and smelly laundry! A+!! Lol.

Casey said...

I always forget to switch the laundry, ALWAYS. Then after rewashing it, I'm out somewhere and I smell that funky assed smell. That sucks.

Elliot pulled the naked sleeping trick the other day. I went to get her after her nap and she handed me her dry diaper and there was piss everywhere. Gross.

Keely said...

We have the fruit fly infestation too. Hubby is all, "they come from the bananas! Stop buying bananas!". And I'm all, "Um...YOU'RE the one who eats bananas. I buy them for YOU."

Needless to say, we still have fruit flies.

elizabeth said...

Duct Tape. My sister in law had a kid that always took off her poopy diaper by herself. She decided the little velcro tabs just weren't cutting it anymore and she kept duct tape on the change table. It's kid proof.
So if it ever goes beyond sleeping naked and merely messing up the cot, you've always got the next line of defense.
Oh, and the whole laundry thing. We have a friend that thinks it's great when you leave your clothes in the washing machine too long because they 'partially dry'. eeewwww.....stinky stinky towels and clothing.