Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What's Going On

It's been a rough week here in Casa de Oscarelli. Rough as in how-the-hell-am-I-keeping-my-eyes-open rough.

Both boys are sick with some ungodly cold. Ropes of yellow and green snot running faster than I can wipe; thick, chesty coughs that rattle their little bodies; much whimpering and whining; napless days; sleepless nights. And when they do sleep they snore and wheeze and cough themselves awake.

We've had nights with two children in the bed. Nights with no more than 30 minutes of interrupted sleep. A night where Miles bit me so badly while nursing he drew blood (two days later, it's still sore as all hell.) Last night found Miles away around midnight, covered in his own vomit with a diaper filled to the brim with very smelly poop.

Oh, and then my microwave broke Christmas week (I to melt butter IN A PAN like a goddamn pioneer or something) and late last week our wash machine went up. I have two toddlers - do you have any idea how much laundry I do every day? AND, we'd just started using cloth diapers, so the timing was awesome.

Today finds me with a two-year-old considerable better, a one-year-old still sick as a dog (with a possible visit to the pediatrician in his near future), a new microwave (waiting to be installed), and a gigantic, new super-ultra-mega capacity washing machine (SCORE!) slogging through two weeks of laundry.

On the plus side, Nelson and I went to a movie this weekend AND I went out with my girlfriends last night to celebrate Amy B.'s 34th birthday and I had the most delicious margarita. Happy birthday, Amy!

Also, Miles is walking. Officially. Not exclusively, but he can now take 5+ steps in a row and does so regularly. He is so proud of himself, and so is Oscar, "Miles is walking! Yea, Miles!" SOB.

And, Christmas was pretty amazing. It was our first year of real Christmas Magic for Oscar and it was just that; magical. It was a even a white Christmas, the first I can remember in decades.

So, that's what's what in my neck of the woods. Looking forward to catching up with folks.


Anonymous said...

Oh, jeez - those poor kids. And poor you, too! It's so tough when they're really little and get sick like that.

But yes - SCORE on the new washing machine! I can't wait for dinosaur to go belly up, but it's still plugging along. The good news is the dishwasher is definitely on its last legs, so I will soon be able to buy one that actually, like, cleans the dishes. Woot!

Jan from the Sushi Bar

VandyJ said...

I feel for you on the no sleeping and the rope of snot. Turbo has done that and it's the one thing that mkaes me sick. I can handle puke, poop, and pee but the green snot--yuck!

I am jealous of the washing machine. I'm waiting for ours to go so I can get a new one.

Happy New Year and hopefully the bad stuff is over for you for a while.

Aliceson said...

I don't envy you dealing with sick kids or the booby bite (ouch!) but that new washer of yours sounds fabulous. I have been begging my husband to buy me a new one but he just keeps fixing our old piece of junk.

Becky said...

Whoa, tough times there! I can relate to the snot. We've all had crud and have spread it across the Southeast. You're welcome everybody!

What kind of washer did you get? At least there are a few bright spots. :)

Heather said...

Don't ya hate when they get sick? Not only do you feel helpless to make them feel better but going without sleep sucks!

New washer...awesome! Having to do two weeks worth of laundry all at once...not so awesome.

Way to go Miles!!! It's always bittersweet when they reach those milestones, it means they are that much closer to no longer being our "baby".

Booby bite...ouch! Seriously, I just can't get past the ouch part. I just bought a bunch of new nursing bras for this next baby and I'm so not looking forward to that rough beginning part and definitely not looking forward to biting!!

Glad that Oscar is feeling better and hope that Miles will be soon too.

Woo hoo for xmas magic huh? I didn't open any presents of my own until Gia went down for a nap and didn't even remember them until hubby said becomes all about the lit up faces of our kids when xmas rolls around.

Erin said...

Wow, Jenni, that is ROUGH!!! It is awful when everything converges at once like that. Miles walking is huge - sad for your baby to make that transition, but also super exciting. We've been watching and waiting for Ashleigh to make the move to walking.

Hope the new year gets off to a good start!

Keely said...

Oh, ugh! I hope Miles feels better before it requires a doctor visit!

What a trying way to spend the holidays. I think Santa owes you one.

Strawberry said...

Oof. Glad things are looking better now, but it sucks so much dealing with one sick kid, two sounds just awful. Hope there are brighter skies ahead. And yay for Miles walking!

Mrsbear said...

I can relate, although we literally would've been up shit creek if our washer had gone belly up. Hope the kids continue to improve. Watching them suffer like that is hard...not to mention the sleep deprivation. Ugh.

Cara said...

What the f*** is it about holidays & kids getting sick? I'm sorry the guys have been so miserable. And I'm even more sorry that it's been so miserable for you.

Hooray for the new washer & time away with Nelson & your girlfriends, though. You definitely deserve it!

kanishk said...

Hope the new year gets off to a good start!

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