Monday, April 19, 2010

Really? No, really?

If you read my blog at all last week, you know I've been having a bit of a rough go of it.  Such is life.  In truth, last week was a bit better.  Similar struggles, but I think I handled them better.

Anyways, after the TJs incident and the farmer's market incident, I was really looking for things to go a little more smoothly.  Like, I was dealing with about as much crap as I could handled, so I was hoping for no new crap.  This was not to be.

So.  We have these neighbors.  They are nice, but very annoying.  They are loud; they park in front of our driveway (or even IN our driveway); they always have a ton of guests and often late at night; their house is in need of some repairs; their backyard is an eyesore (there is no grass and it is filled with junk) their compost heap is gigantic and not well cared for (read: it STINKS).  No matter how nice they are, they still make for shitty neighbors.  Also, their youngest son used to torment our dogs.  Now, their grandsons do.  This is particularly annoy as we've had some serious issues with Nebo, so 4-year-olds coming up to my fence and screaming at my dogs is not good.  And the parents do nothing even though we've explained that we'd like the kids to leave the dogs alone.

Okay, that was all a bit more than you need to know.  I'm getting to the point now, I swear.

Where was I?  Oh, shitty neighbors and looking for a karmic break.  Right.

It was Monday or Tuesday morning and I realized that the dogs had been outside for more than an hour.  They usually request to come in after 30 minutes so.  I went to the back and whistled for them (our yard is completely fenced in) and I heard them barking frantically FROM A DISTANCE and I could not see them.

I stepped outside and I realized that both of my dogs were in the neighbor's (really disgusting) back yard.  This was about 7AM so the neighbors were not up, and I just walked over and opened their gate and my dogs ran home.

Valentine has jumped fences before, like if she saw a cat or squirrel in our neighbors's yards.  But, I couldn't figure out how they'd BOTH gotten over the fence.  I mean, Valentine is tall so she could have jumped the fence, and she'd a digger so she could've dug herself a hole and gone under, but Nebo is too short to jump the fence, and if Valentine dug a hole, Nebo would be too fat to fit underneath.  A mystery!

This incident was pretty quickly forgotten, until they did the same thing the next morning.  After that, they were not allowed out unsupervised.  I figured that they were getting over the fence my climbing up our wood pile, but even that seemed unlikely.  Our wood pile is stacked opposite the neighbors shed specifically so the dogs can't use it to jump the fence.  But we also had some additional debris in our yard from a storm the week prior, so maybe they were using the debris to get over?  I was still stumped.

Saturday morning, it happened again, but this time it was just Nebo.  Short, fat Nebo.  I told Nelson he needed to do a perimeter check to establish where/how they were going over.

You are never going to believe what he found.  It's ridiculous.

The neighbors?  The dirty yarded, inconsiderate, poorly landscaped, but very nice neighbors?  Are keeping rabbits.  Fucking rabbits.  Multiple rabbits in a rabbit hutch.  My dogs (being, you know, DOGS) were going apeshit over these rabbits.  Valentine was definitely hopping the fence.  Nebo?  He was CLIMBING OVER THE FENCE.  Like, sticking his paws into the chain link and SCALING the fence.  Like a short, fat, canine escaping convict.

Why on earth they are keeping rabbits is beyond me.  I mean, I know it is perfectly within their rights to keep rabbits, but why?  Why are they making my life so difficult? How the hecks am I ever going to keep my dogs out of their yard?  And do they really need an animal crapping up and in their backyard?  I assure you they do not.

I am hoping, hoping, hoping that my dogs become accustom to the sight and smell of these rabbits because I cannot even deal with them hopping the fence.  For one thing, it's troubling because Nebo is not entirely friendly; for another the dogs jump directly into the compost pile and as a result, they stink; and also, I just need a break, okay?  I just cannot deal with one more thing right now.


Aliceson said...

Boy, you DO need a break! Any vacations planned soon?

gretchen said...

Rabbits are a puzzling pet. They aren't, you know, snuggly. Not very good company. And they always die. And they breed. And stink. Yes, puzzling. Poor dogs. Poor you.

Susanica said...

That's just awful Jenni. Wish I had a solution for you. Ugh. -M

FoN said...

Holy crap, I was almost POSTIVE I was your neighbour until you got to the part about the rabbits. We don't got no stinkin' rabbits.

I'm going to give you the number to my much-put-upon neighbour so you can have someone to complain with.

Living next to us would totally suck.

I will apologize on behalf of your stinky, rabbit-lovin' albeit nice neighbours. We try. We really do.

Oh! and the word verification is gravol. Maybe you should drug the rabbits? Or your dogs? Or yourself?

Okay I'm done now.


Keely said...

Yeah, THAT'S not going to end well. Don't worry about them keeping rabbits for too long, as soon as one of the dogs gets one and spreads its bloody rabbit flesh evenly across their garbage yard, they'll reconsider.

I'm sorry. I hope you get a break soon.

Mrsbear said...

Ugh. Stupid dogs. Stupid neighbors. Yes, I know, they're nice. Still. Anyway to make your fence taller? Or the dog's legs shorter?

Sprite's Keeper said...

Sounds like my neighbors and their cats. Nice, but come on, people!

WarsawMommy said...

Urgh. The neighbpurs sound awful. Nice or no, just urgh.

Also? Your description of Nebo cl;imbing the fence 'Like a short, fat, canine escaping convict' was hilarious. I can actually SEE it happening.

I hope the universe gives you a break soon...

Casey said...

Uh oh, I hope they don't start eating rabbits too! Eek. Your neighbors are douchebags.