Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Conversations with a Preschooler, #4: Why?

Jenni: Come on Oscar, lets get your shoes on!

Oscar: Why I need get my shoes on, Momma?

Jenni: Because we're going to the grocery store.

Oscar: Why I  need get my shoes on to go to the grocery store?

Jenni: Because they won't let you in without shoes.

Oscar: Why they won't let me in without shoes?

Jenni: Because it's the rule.

Oscar: Why it's the rule?

Jenni: I don't know, Oscar.  Because feet are dirty?

Oscar: Why feet are dirty?

Jenni: Because little boys run around without shoes on.  Now come on, lets go to the grocery store.

Oscar: But why we going to the grocery store?

Jenni: To buy food for us to eat.

Oscar: Why we need buy food for us to eat?

Jenni: So we can be strong and healthy.

Oscar: Why we need be strong and healthy?

Jenni: So we have lots of energy to run and play.

Oscar: Why we run and play?

Jenni: Because it's fun to run and play.

Oscar: Why it's fun to run and play?

Jenni: Because it makes us happy.  Does running and playing make you happy?

Oscar: Yes!

Jenni: Okay then!  Lets go!

Oscar: Where we going?

Jenni: To the grocery store, Oscar.  We are going to the grocery store.

Oscar: Why we going to the grocery store?


Anonymous said...

Aaaand this is the point where I want to bang my head in to something.

Claire flirts with "why" but her favorite is "what kind of". For example: Come on guys, we need to go to the store. "What kind of store, mommy?" The grocery store. "What kind of grocery store?" The red grocery store. "What kind of red grocery store?" And on. And on. And on.

Michele said...

That would be a good time to schedule in a little adult conversation time.

Barbara said...

Why, my least favourite question! Good answers from you, I must work harder on not saying "because".

Sprite's Keeper said...

Sprite isn't too much into the "why's", more into the "how's". I am Googling a lot these days!

Jan said...

Ah, yes - 3 years old = endless "why"? You'll let us know how long it takes for you to get to the "Because I said so!" answer, won't you? :P

Amanda said...

I'm not there yet with my own daughter, but I work with a lot of three-year-olds, and I like to turn it around on them and say, "well, why do YOU think?" It means I can be lazy and not come up with an answer AND get them to use those little brains to puzzle it out for themselves!

Erin said...

oh the "why" stage! so, awesome, and seemingly neverending!!!

when you wrote your birthday post, i realized our kids are really close in age - my three year old was born at the beginning of june and the "baby" was born 19 months later, in january. i'm so glad i found your blog!!!

CrazyLovesCompany said...

OMG. Looking forward to and dreading these conversations!

Rachel said...

I am not looking forward to that... lol

Unknown said...


And now mom decides, "Maybe I don't need to go to the grocery store that badly..."

Anonymous said...

'Because I said so' works for me, lol. I have a shirt that says it too and the kids know when that shirt is on no questions may be asked :)

Momma Hunt said...

Oh I totally feel your pain, please see one of my recent posts about having to repeat myself 1000 times. There are days where I long for my job of teaching 100 high school juniors and seniors. They may tell me to go F myself but they never will ask why 100 times

Mrsbear said...

Yikes. Makes my head hurt a little. We're not at the why's yet? Maybe I'll get lucky.

Casey said...

Welcome to my world, sister. Now just wait until Miles starts asking the same shit and you have "why" in stereo. It's grueling. I have noticed older women chuckling at us when we're out and about because they remember wanting to blow their brains out from the why's too.

Keely said...

I have that conversation on a loop in my house, only the preschooler's voice isn't as articulate. the end of the day, neither is mine. I've mostly disintegrated into "Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh!"

Captain Dumbass said...

That sounds very familiar.

明文吳 said...


Anonymous said...

Oh brilliant. just brilliant!
sums that stage up so perfectly.

anymommy said...

My life. In one blog post. So funny.