Thursday, December 16, 2010


Happy second birthday to the best surprise I was ever lucky enough to receive.  You continue to surprise me and fill every day with joys large and small.

Were it not for you, I wonder what I kind of mother I would have become because you have taught me so much. You taught me to slow down; to laugh more often and more loudly; to take time to appreciate life's small wonders and small boys.

On one hand, I want to freeze time, or bottle you, Miles at Two, to save forever and ever.  You love trains and your brother and being tickled and laughing and snuggling and eat almost anything I put in front of you.  Yogurt is your favorite though, followed by pineapple chunks and your brother's leftover peanut butter sandwiches.  Your favorite movie is Toy Story and your favorite TV show is Thomas the Tank Engine.  You love to wear hats; the sillier the better.  If you are going somewhere, you are running.  Always running.  I want to tell you to "Slow down!" and "Not so fast!" but the truth is I love how eager you are to catch up to your brother and do and learn new things. It is something I hope you carry with you throughout your life.

And, that's the other hand.  As much as I want to hold on to the sweetness that is 1Miles at Two, I can't wait to see what you are going to do next. You are exceptional.  I cherish each day I watch you grow and change and I anticipate tomorrow's little boy, and, eventually, the man you will become. 

I love you, sweet Miles.  It is one of the great honors of my life to be your mom.  Carry on.

Four days old

Six months old

One year old

Eighteen months old



Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Miles! You look so grown up in your "two years old" picture.


Aliceson said...

A very Happy Birthday to Miles William, and to you too!

Michele said...

Happy Birthday Miles!

Amanda said...

So touching! Happy birthday to your little guy!

VandyJ said...

Happy Birthday Miles! Two is wonderful and exasperating all at once. Bruiser will be two soon. Where has the time gone?

Keely said...

OMG he's such a little BOY! *sob*

Happy birthday Miles!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Happy birthday, Miles William!

Stimey said...

Happy Birthday, adorable Miles! This is a wonderful post. Two is definitely such a fun age. But it's so fun to see them grow, huh?

Patty O. said...

What a sweet little boy! He is adorable! And what a wonderful letter to him, one I am sure he will cherish when he is older!

Captain Dumbass said...

Happy Birthday Miles!

Amy said...

How sweet is that?? Little boys are the best.