Tuesday, July 26, 2011

RTT: Dogs, dryers, and deranged cleaning ladies

Hey! I'm guesting over at Second Blooming today.  Check it out.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Baby, it's hot outside

We've had some record breaking heat these past few days in my neck of the woods.  You may have heard. DC is a freaking sauna.  When I was driving home from the grocery store at 11am on Saturday and according to my van the temperature outside was 101 degrees.  ELEVEN in the morning.

It is so hot, and so humid.  It's feels like walking around in hot, wet clothes.  And the pool?  Bath water.  It's still refreshing, but not nearly enough.

We were at the pool last Thursday and the kids swam in the water for two entire hours, and then they were playing in the sandboxes.  After less than 30 minutes, they were beet read and the sweat was just pouring off their little foreheads.  I still had to practically drag them home.

We're going up north for some camping next week and I'm looking forward to some milder temperatures, going to bed early, and being outdoors with the boys.  I have a lot of bear related anxiety, but Nelson is an Eagle Scout so that has to count for something.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mountain time

You guys, we just got back from a trip to the Smoky Mountains with Becky and let me tell you, sometimes real life disappoints.  In addition to meeting her very cute and brilliant children, the famous, Hank and Laura (and our kids got on famously), we got to meet her parents who just may be the most hospitable, charming and just plain likable people I've ever had the pleasure of imposing on for several days.  Her dad kept apologizing for the view, which he claims was not at it's best.  It looked pretty good to me:

After three days of this, my neighbor's slightly rundown Victorian is just not doing it for me.
And her mom made us grits, you guys!  Nelson's favorite part of the weekend was the tubing.  Mine was meeting Becky's parents.  We chatted about books, and politics, and unions, and public education, with a gorgeous backdrop. You know how sometimes you meet people and you just know they are "your people?"  It was like that.  They are my people, man.  Seriously, if you are in the market for new parents, you should check out Becky's folks.  They're good ones.

As if our weekend wasn't great enough, when we got to my in-laws to pick up our dog on Monday, we left Oscar for the night.

Today I'm doing my regular stuff - laundry, vacuuming, dusting, buying pants and underwear for my husband, going to the post office. It seems quite non glamorous after a weekend of tubing, cocktails, hot tubbing, cocktails, late nights and long chats, but it's still a good life.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let me tell you who I am not

I am not:

...the person who peels corn in the grocery store, looking for the perfect ears to take home, and pretty much blocking all other grocery store patrons from procuring corn.

...the person who tries to make it through a yellow light every time.

...the person who asks to skip in line at the grocery store because I only have like three items when you have ten.

...the person who smokes cigarettes around small children.

...the person who gets pedicures on the reg.

...the person who remembers birthdays.

...the person who gets thank you notes out on time.

...the person that yells at her kids in public.

...the person with a funny-smelling minivan.

...the person who cannot laugh at him/herself.

...the person who returns library books late.

...the person who does not return library books at all.

...the person who thinks that she is a better parent than you.

...the person who takes things too seriously.

...the person who is friends with all the moms at the nursery school.

...the person who will allow her kids to be bullied.

...the person who is the skinny, pretty mom.

...the person who always remembers to be thoughtful.

...the person who always says the right things at the right times.

...the person with a spotless house.

...the person who jaywalks.

...the person who always practices what she preaches.

...the person who gets enough sleep.

...the person with good follow through.

...the person who blames others for my own shortcomings.

...the person who stops trying.

Tell me, who are you not?

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Here are the things I have done/will do today, in no particular order:

1) Unload/reload dishwasher
2) Arrange play date for Oscar
3) Coordinate weekly playgroup
4) Pack it up and head to the pool (possibly twice, weather and children depending)
5) Call pest control (ants) and schedule visit
6) Pull together non-perishables for food drive at Nelson's work
7) 2-3 loads of laundry
8) Fix lunches/snacks
9) Plan & prepare dinner
10) Entertain/care for children (playing with them, dressing them, changing diapers, etc.)
11) Light house work - picking up, dusting, crumb wiping, bed making, etc.
12) Water/harvest garden if necessary
13) Pay the car payment

This is just how I spend my day, my basic housewifery.  My motions, if you will.  I recognize that this is not earth shattering, exciting stuff that involves deep thinking or strategics, but it is the important stuff that keeps my family plugging along each week. But, I have to tell you, I love this stuff, all these little tasks that push things along.  Little accomplishments all day long.  It suits me. 

What about you?  Your daily grind?  Do you love it?  Hate it?  Gimmie the painfully boring deets.