Saturday, August 6, 2011

Conversations while driving

Somewhere in the Berkshires

Nelson: How many times do you think they've watched Bolt on this trip?

Jenni: I don't know.  A million.

Nelson: I feel like after this trip I want to sit down and actually watch the movie, since I know all the words by heart at this point.

Jenni: Yeah, me too.  Oh, here it comes, the John Travolta/Miley Cirus duet.

Nelson: I guess John Travolta can sing?

Jenni: OF COURSE HE CAN SING!  HELLO?!  Have you ever seen Grease?

Nelson: Riiiight.

Jenni: He sang all in that movie. It's a musical!

Nelson: John Travolta's done a lot of stuff.

Jenni: He really does have a broad range of work.  Saturday Night Fever.  Grease.

Nelson: Broken Arrow.  That was a good one.

Jenni: Those Look Who's Talking movies.  Comedies! Oh, and Pulp Fiction.

Nelson: That one with the faces?  Face Off?

Jenni: Yes!  And there was that weird alien move?  What was that called?

Nelson: John Travolta was in an alien movie?

Jenni: Yeah, he wore all that make up.  Battlestar Galactica?

Nelson: He was in Battlestar Galactica?

Jenni: No, no...Battlefield Earth, that L. Ron Hubbard movie?

Nelson: Oh, right that Scientology guy.

Jenni: I don't care what anyone says, I liked that movie.

Nelson: Did people not like it?

Jenni: I don't know, but I did.

Nelson: I'll have to watch it.

Jenni: You should.


Somewhere outside of NYC, listening to a local reggae station

Nelson: Ha ha, did you hear that?

Jenni: What?

Nelson: The DJ, she just cut into the song.  There, she did it again!

Jenni: She's singing the song!

DJ: I bet you didn't know I could sing.

Nelson: That's so funny.

Jenni: That is funny.

Song continues

Jenni: Is this a reggae song about Baltimore?

Nelson: It is.

Jenni: Wow. I had no idea.

Nelson: Me either.

Song continues.  Three or four minutes elapse.

Nelson: Is this still the same song?

Jenni: I think so.

Nelson: I think this is a different song.

Jenni: Nelson, they are still singing about Baltimore.  How many reggae songs about Baltimore could there possible be?

Nelson: I don't know.

Jenni: I guess if there is one there could be two.  But I think this is the same song.

Nelson: I think you're right.


Somewhere in Western MA

Nelson: So, did you boys like camping?

Oscar & Miles: Yeah!

Nelson: Should we go camping again?

Oscar & Miles: Yeah!

Jenni: Oscar, what was your favorite part about camping?

Oscar: Roasting marshmallows.

Jenni: Miles, what was your favorite part about camping?

Miles: Uncle Butch [My uncle we visited on our trip.]


Aimee said...

Sounds like a fun trip!

Don't forget "Hairspray" - one of my favorite John Travolta roles. :)

Andrea said...

I am just envious that you have conversations with the husband on car trips...mine reads funny books and laughs...really hard...and doesn't fill me in, while the kids carry on with their own secret society in the back seat!

Sprite's Keeper said...

Sometimes I want to go camping JUST SO I can roast marshmallows.

Michele R said...

Loved how you relayed what you have been up to by sharing these conversations. I told my boys not too long ago how Travolta sings and back in my day was on top 40 radio. Of course they are used to my listening to the 80's channel on satellite radio.
Uncles and marshmallows are a great part of camping for sure.

Mama Badger said...

Oh, I need to visit here more often! I wish our car conversations were that memorable.

gretchen said...

Okay, I've just gotta say - "Battlefield Earth"? NOT a good movie. Nelson should NOT watch it. Sorry. Just saying.

But Travolta can sing.

There's a reggae song about Baltimore? Who'd a thunk?

Euphoria said...

How realistic is this??? Love it!
I love camping, I used to live in Patagonia but now I live in Buenos Aires city...
Kind regards from Argentina.