Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I think this is possible

My kids have been annoying me.  More than usual.  Like, usually they whine and I'm like, "Okay, Whiny McWhinepants, if you can tell me what you need without whining, you got it!" or "Whineville called and they want their whining back" or "Lets get out of Whinetown and use our regular voices, okay?" This works surprisingly well.  They think I'm funny.  I've even caught Oscar calling Miles Whiny McWhinepants one day.

But these past few days I'm like, "Oh my GOD please stop whining" or "Good lord my EARS are BLEEDING."   It could be that they are whining more, but the baseline whine around here is already pretty high.  I think I'm just more irritated by the whining because I know that in two and a half short days, I will not have to deal with their whining for almost three whole days.  THREE WHOLE DAYS.

I'm going out of town on a grown up lady weekend with my other lady friends. I plan to drink bloody mary's with breakfast, beers by the pool, wine with dinner, and not let anyone else eat off my plate.  I will not be wiping anyone else's urine off the bathroom floor or explaining why we do not play in the toilet.  No fighting over bedtime or getting dressed or eating breakfast or lunch or not having Popsicles for breakfast.  I will not have to deal with anyone laughing at me as I get increasingly frustrated or upset.  I will not have to beg and plead and fight over dinner and bath time and bed time an who's turn it is to watch what show.  The only behind I will be wiping is my own.

All I have to do is keep this dog and pony show going until 7PM Thursday night.  I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.


VandyJ said...

Have fun! Your trip sounds heavenly.

Andrea said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! Have a super fun time.

Pamela said...


Amanda said...

You will make it! Enjoy the trip - that sounds absolutely delightful.