Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's been a long day

Messes I've cleaned since last night:

1. Water, from Oscar, his bed.  He though it'd be cute to shake his water bottle and made droplets fly and annoy me, but the lid was not secure so the entire lid flew off, spilling water all over Oscar, his bed, his bunny, his pillow, and his comforter   

2. Water, from the bathroom floor and Miles, two bath towel's worth. Miles turned on the faucet and then move the faucet so it was running, full bast, on the floor of the bathroom as opposed to in the sink.

3. Chocolate milk, from the kitchen floor, cabinet, and pantry door.  See #1, replace "Oscar" with "Miles."

4. Stamp in, from my floor, Miles, and Oscar.  Instead of stamping the stamps, they decided to create fingerprint art on my floors and their faces.  We were late for school.

5. Urine, from the living room floor.  Miles let loose all over the floor 20 minutes after he peed in the bathroom.

6. Poop, from Miles and his pants. Yep.

7. Urine, from the bathroom floor.  Oscar though it would be FUNNY to pee in Miles's potty.  And on the front of the toilet.  Do you know what back splash is?  I do.


Jennifer said...

Wow-You have cleaned up an abnormal amount of messes! I hope that you have no more messes to clean least for today!

Sprite's Keeper said...

I am so sorry. That does stink.

Andrea said...

Sounds like a Sham-wow kind of day...hope it gets drier!

Casey said...

Oy. It does seem like we spend half of our days cleaning up after someone else's spills and/or bodily functions. I thought we'd be home free after the kids were potty trained but E will ONLY go in her froggy potty in her room so we still have to transfer it to the bathroom every time. And that girl rivals your boys with the spilling, it is almost instant whenever we hand her a drink.

gretchen said...

Oh my. This is certainly too much unpleasant liquid for one night. I hope you found a nice glass of a more pleasant liquid to drown your sorrows in. (assuming that carousing Bunny didn't drink it all)

Patty O. said...

Ugh. I can so relate.

Stacy Uncorked said...

You poor thing! Hope this week turns out better - I'm finding out first hand that boys are way more work than girls are. And way messier. ((HUGZ!!))