Sunday, August 26, 2012

Oscar Commits Larceny

I pack Oscar's lunch. I know that our school system works hard to make sure the hot lunch they provide is affordable and nutritious, but I just like knowing that I prepared what's going into his body.

When Oscar came home on Tuesday, his second day of school, he reported that he'd eaten some little pieces of brown meat, some corn and chips for lunch. Since I packed him a cream cheese sandwich, an apple, chocolate milk and a cheese stick, I was a bit surprised. 

We chatted and it sounded like he forgot his lunch box when the kids went to the lunch room, and instead of telling his teacher he needed to go back to the classroom, he just went through the lunch line. 

Okay, no big. I want the kid to eat, it's the first week, he's nervous, figuring things out. So he ate some kind of taco salad. It's fine. I reminded him that I pack his lunch and that if he forgets it, he should tell his teacher and so he can go back to the classroom for his lunchbox.

Then, Thursday, Oscar comes home and tells me, "The lunch lady says I need to bring money." Huh. "But Oscar," I say, "I pack your lunch. You don't need to go through the lunch line." 

"I need to stay with my class, mom," he said. 

Now, this makes a lot of sense, really. I know they drill into the kindergartners that they need to stay in line and stay with their class so no one gets lost, particularly at Oscar's school, which is one of the most crowded in our entire county. Also, more than 80 percent of the kids qualify for free or reduced lunch, so it's likely that most if not all kids in his class are going through that lunch line. 

What doesn't make sense is the fact he had been coming home with an empty lunchbox every day. When I quizzed him, he admitted to eating part of his lunch and part of the school lunch, but drinking BOTH chocolate milks. I'm pretty sure "buying" school lunch is a ploy for Oscar to get double chocolate milk. 

I immediately called the school and ratted him out. 

"My son has been stealing school lunch, I'm terribly sorry," I said. She laughed - apparently this happens a lot in kindergarten. She said I could put money into a lunch account for him online and that should take care of things.

They aren't going to prosecute, and I'm quite relieved. Being that one of his schoolmates is already calling him "Goldilocks," I don't think Oscar would fare well in the big house. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And so it Goes, or Something Like That

Well my friend Becky over at SubMat has inspired me to jot a little blog down here to tell you all what's the what around here. There is a lot of what around here folks. Where to start? Hows about the first day of kindergarten?

This is not a nervous boy. MW totally photo bombed every one of Oscar's first day pics.
As expected, I fretted and worried and fretted some more about Oscar's first day, particularly because we missed orientation so did not get to meet his teacher prior to the first day. In fact, we did not even get to know who she was until we walked to school.

There are four kindergartens in Oscar's school, and each teacher had made a handwritten list of her students on a piece of flip chart paper, along with her photo. We found Oscar's teacher then we stood around with a million other parents and kids, about 1/4 of whom were crying. One kid in Oscar's class was SOBBING and Nelson was like, "Don't let Oscar look at him!" as though his eyes would start burning or the crying was contagious.

We were allowed to walk the kids in, but only a couple of parents did that. I was, of course, one of them. I not only walked him into the building, but into his classroom and helped him find his seat. Then, I kissed him goodbye and tore myself from the room. He looked nervous, but happy.

I spent the next six hours staring at the clock and then walked down the street to scoop him him (Oscar walks to school) and when I asked how his day was he said, "It was awesome! I made a new friend Wilson and I got to meet the nurse!" Apparently, he'd been knocked down on the playground and skinned up his knee, but I just love how instead of being afraid of going back or sad about his injury, he was excited that he'd gotten to meet the school nurse on the first day. Score!

Nelson had made Oscar's cream cheese sandwich for lunch the first day and my boy confessed to throwing it out because there wasn't enough cream cheese. Then he whispered to me, "Dad isn't very good at making cream cheese sandwiches, but you are." Well, a girl's gotta be good at something right?

I want to tell you about the second day (today) because there were more things and confusion and breakfast lines and a lunch debacle but I feel like this post is already a little long and I don't want to overwhelm you kids on my first day back blogging.

So, you know, if you're lucky I'll be back tomorrow blogging about mystery meat and the new mom I met this morning. She has a tattoo on her earlobe. No joke.